Can I Use an LT-Cable w/ an Interlogix Simon XT Alarm System?

Yes, you can use an LT-Cable with an Interlogix Simon XT Alarm System. This cable will make it easier to get power to the system than if a standard 18-gauge 2-conductor wire is used. By using an LT-Cable, there will be no need to strip any wires running from the transformer to the system.

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The Simon XT receives power from a 9-volt plug-in AC transformer. The connection is normally made using an 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. In fact, the Simon XT comes with a 2-conductor wire, which comes ready to connect the panel to the transformer. The wire end that connects to the transformer comes with spade lugs pre-installed. The wire end that connects to the alarm panel comes with the wires pre-stripped.

If for some reason this wire is lost, or perhaps is not long enough, then it becomes necessary to get a power wire from a different source. This type of wire can be easily obtained from virtually any hardware store, making it very accessible and easy to obtain. When using this type of wire, the ends will need to be stripped so that the proper connections can be made. Some DIY users may also experience difficulties with connecting the wires to the terminals. While this is normally not a problem for electricians, people with little wiring experience may have a harder time.

However, the Honeywell LT-Cable can eliminate these concerns. The LT-Cable arrives already prepped, meaning that no wires will need to be stripped. It can be used in place of virtually any 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. One end of the LT-Cable connects to the transformer, and the other connects to the panel itself. The two ends meet through a male-female barrel connection. The connectors at the ends of the wires are easy to attach to the screw terminals. This means that most users will have an easy time using the LT-Cable to get power to the Simon XT System. We wholeheartedly recommend the cable for any DIY user looking to power their system.

One note about the LT-Cable is that it will need to be special ordered online in most cases. This makes it slightly more time-consuming to obtain than standard 18-gauge 2-conductor wire. However, Alarm Grid does readily offer the LT-Cable on its website.

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