Can I Use Door/Window Sensors on a DSC Impassa?

Yes, you can use door and window sensors on a DSC Impassa. Wireless contacts that operate at 433 MHz will interface with the system. It is also possible to use hardwired door and window contacts by using a compatible wired to wireless converter. Any sensor that is used must be programmed.

The wireless receiver inside the DSC Impassa is designed to accept sensors that operate at a frequency of 433 MHz. Any wireless door and window contact that operates at this frequency will work with the DSC Impassa System. The legacy DSC Sensors communicate at 433 MHz, and they will successfully interface with the DSC Impassa. Some of the wireless door and window sensors that meet this criteria include the DSC EV-DW4917, the DSC EV-DW4975 and the DSC WS4945.

Additionally, it is also possible to use hardwired door and window sensors with a DSC Impassa. To do this, the user will need a compatible wired to wireless converter. The hardwired contact will connect directly to the converter. The converter will then send a wireless signal to the panel on the behalf of the converter. By doing this, the hardwired contact will use a wireless zone on the DSC Impassa. An example of a compatible wired to wireless converter for the DSC Impassa is the Resolution Products RE508X.

Any door and window contact that is used with the DSC Impassa will need to be programmed with the system. It will require at least one of the panel's 64 wireless zones. Please note that wireless sensors that do not operate at 433 MHz cannot be used with the system. This includes the DSC PowerG Series Sensors, which operate at 915 MHz. Despite being manufactured by DSC, they are not designed for use with the DSC Impassa Alarm System. Make sure that the door and window contacts you obtain are compatible with the DSC Impassa.

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