Can I Use More Than One Battery Pack in a Honeywell L3000?

No, you cannot use more than one battery pack in a Honeywell L3000. Even though the system has two connector ports for backup batteries, you can actually only use one battery at a time. Trying to use both would not produce the desired results and could result in various trouble conditions.

Honeywell l3000 wireless alarm control panel

Alarm systems use backup batteries to stay running when the power is out. This is very important for ensuring that the system can send outbound communication signals at all times. Being able to perform this function successfully is a crucial component of alarm monitoring. The L3000 System will automatically switch over to its backup power when AC power is lost. If the system loses both transformer power and battery power, it will power down completely.

Because of the importance of backup power, an end user might think that installing two backup batteries is a smart idea. After all, they could theoretically have a backup battery for their backup battery! But in practice, it doesn't work this way. Even though the system has two battery connector ports, only one battery should be used at a time. These battery ports are actually of different sizes, and they support difference batteries.

The two ports are actually right next to each other. In the following picture, you can see that the standard battery port on the right is connected, while the super high capacity port on the left is left vacant:

The standard connector supports either the LYNX Standard Capacity Battery or the LYNX High Capacity Battery. The super high connector only supports the LYNX Super High Capacity Battery. Trying to use the LYNX Super High Capacity Battery alongside either the standard capacity battery or the high capacity battery would likely result in many problems. This can include serious damage to the system's circuit board in the long run.

One problem is that only a single battery can fit inside the panel. The second battery would have to hang outside the system. Some users might be fine with this, but it isn't necessarily best practice. Another issue is that the batteries would likely use too much of the system's transformer power to store and maintain a charge. This might prevent the system from getting enough AC power for its, and they system might experience an AC loss trouble condition.

Out of all the battery options, the LYNX Super High Capacity Battery will keep the L3000 System running the longest during a power outage. This battery can keep the system running for up to 24 hours at a time. For most users, this will fulfill their backup power needs quite nicely. But if a user expects that they may experience longer power outages, they might want to invest in a power generator. This is the best way to keep a system running for an extended period of time.

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