Can I Use More Than One Battery Pack in a Lyric Alarm System?

No, you cannot use more than one battery pack in a Lyric Alarm System. The system only has one battery connector port. This means that you cannot add a second battery pack. There are two backup battery options available for the Honeywell Lyric. These are the LCP500-4B and the LCP500-24B.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The Lyric uses a backup battery to stay powered on if AC power becomes lost. This is very important, as the system must remain powered to communicate with AlarmNet360. The backup battery is designed to serve as a temporary power source until AC power can be restored. This helpful FAQ shows what happens when the Lyric AC power is lost and the system is forced to run on backup power.

When the Lyric is running on transformer power, the system backup battery will actually be working to store power. This will allow it to be ready for when the electricity goes out or the transformer becomes unplugged. Once the AC power is lost, the system will automatically switch over to its battery backup. This backup power option is normally very reliable in keeping the system running at all times.

But over time, the backup battery will lose its ability to store a charge. This happens after about three to five years. You will need to replace the battery with a new one when this happens. There are two backup batteries to choose from. Both the Honeywell LCP500-4B and the Honeywell LCP500-24B can fulfill this need. But since the Lyric only has one connector, only one battery can be used at a time.

When replacing the battery, you will need to first remove the system from its back cover. You can locate the old battery and disconnect it from the plug-in connector. You will need a screwdriver to remove the battery cover when swapping out the battery. The picture below shows the battery connection port while a battery is connected. The battery cover is also seen screwed into place.

If you are trying to decide between the LCP500-4B and the LCP500-24B, then you should know that the LCP500-24B offers one major advantage. The LCP500-24B can keep the system running for at least 24 hours at maximum charge, while the LCP500-4B is only rated to keep the system powered for no less than 4 hours in the event of power loss.

If you don't expect any extended power outages to occur, then you may be fine with just an LCP500-4B. This is the battery that ships with the Lyric Security System from the factory. But if you occasionally experience power outages that last longer than 4 hours, you may want to go with an LCP500-24B just to be safe. Both batteries connect using the same port. The easiest way to distinguish between them is that the LCP500-4B is blue (seen in the picture above), while the LCP500-24B is green.

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