What Happens On My Lyric Controller When AC Power Goes Out?

In the event of an AC power loss, the Lyric Controller goes into power conserve mode. All non-essential features are either disabled or operate in their lowest power consuming mode. The touchscreen backlight turns off. If AC power remains out, non-essential communication is shut down.

The Lyric Security Panel behaves differently when the power is out than some of its Honeywell counterparts, such as the Lynx Touch Panels. In a bid to remain operational for as long as possible when there is an extended power outage, the following conditions accompany a power outage:

  1. The Z-Wave module is disabled.
  2. After 10 minutes, both the WIFI and the cell module, if installed, will be powered down. They will power up only to report a signal from the panel. This means initiating a connection to the panel remotely, such as from Total Connect 2.0*, will not be possible.
  3. Even though the communicator will wake up to send signals to the monitoring station, these events will NOT be logged as events in Total Connect 2.0.
  4. The panel will disconnect from AlarmNet 360 if a Fetch/Push was in progress
  5. The panel will disconnect from any current firmware download sessions. This includes downloads via AN360 or USB.
  6. After about 1 minute of AC loss, the touchscreen will go dark. Pressing the screen, the Panic or the Home button beneath the screen will bring it back. After a few seconds of inactivity, it will timeout again. After 5 minutes, the panic icon beneath the touchscreen will go out. The Home button will remain lit.
  7. While the backlight is off, a zone fault will cause a chime/voice, if enabled, but the display will not wake up. The Home icon below the touchscreen will flash twice for each fault. If another trouble condition occurs, the screen will also not wake up. The status will be announced and the Home icon will flash continuously. Pressing the screen or any button will bring up the display and request a code to silence the trouble condition. After a few seconds of inactivity, the screen will go dark again, and the Home icon will go solid. This is true even if the trouble condition still exists.
  8. WIFI/Cellular QoS messages and Diagnostics will not be sent.
  9. Help Videos and the Video button will be disabled.
  10. The options to "Install Cellular Module", "Install Backup Battery", "Update Sensor Firmware" and "Update Keyfob Firmware", which are all normally available in the Advanced options of the Master Tools screen, will be unavailable.

    *If a user attempts to connect to the panel through Total Connect 2.0 immediately after the communicator has woken up to send a signal, it is possible that they may be able to establish a brief remote connection and use the Keypad feature in the Security module.

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