Can I use my phone to arm or disarm the L5200?

The L5200 is a security system with convenience in mind. Making the unit able to be controlled over the phone is a simple thing to do over any of the available communicators.

While the L5200 can be connected to a phone line, this merely allows for a number to be programmed in and dialed to. And while this setup is convenient from some, as households are slowly getting rid of their phone lines, this solution is not only becoming less convenient, it is impossible for most homeowners.

The L5200 comes with three available communicators: The 4GL, the L5100-WIFI, and the ilP5. Any of these communicators will allow remote control of the system, which includes the ability to receive texts and email notifications. Users of these communicators are often confused by the distinction between a cellular communicator and the IP communicators - often wondering if they are able to receive text messages to their phone if they do not sign up for cellular monitoring. Very simply, any of these communication pathways will allow your system to send texts and emails to a phone over Total Connect. The only distinction is in how secure each pathway is. While the traditional POTS phone lines, mentioned above, as well as IP lines could be physically cut by an enterprising intruder (this is rare, but can theoretically happen), the GSM uses the cellular networks to send signals from the system. This means that the signal from the system cannot easily be disrupted. That said, the GSM communication generally requires an extra fee, since what amounts to a cell phone plan is being purchased for the system itself.

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