Can I Use the Lyric Gateway W/O Monitoring?

As is often the case where the Lyric Gateway is concerned, the answer to this question is not clear cut. The Lyric Gateway requires, at least initially, that an AlarmNet account be created because this is the only way to program zones, communication options, entry and exit delays, and so on. Unlike every other Honeywell panel in existence, the Lyric Gateway can not be programmed through the keypad. In fact, there is no keypad, at least not in the traditional sense. The Gateway panel has a number pad, panic keys, and arming/disarming options, but no display. All status is voice annunciated. To interact with the Lyric Gateway for things such as adding user codes, including/excluding or controlling automation devices, configuring WIFI options, viewing faulted zones, the MyHome Gateway app is available as a free download from the Apple or Google Play store. When the Gateway is connected to a network, either via Ethernet or WIFI, and the MyHome Gateway app is run on a smart device connected to the same network, it allows control of the panel, with a User Interface almost identical to the Lyric Controller. The big difference being that through the app there is no panel programming option. For full details on connecting the MyHome Gateway app to the panel, click here. This means a couple of things, one, if you plan to use the Lyric Gateway with a cellular communicator only, the MyHome Gateway app is not an option. Second, in order to get the panel programmed, you must have an AlarmNet account, through a dealer, and all the panel programming must be performed by that dealer via the AlarmNet 360 web page. The Lyric Gateway can be used with, or without, Total Connect 2.0, and with or without alarm reporting, but it must be registered for remote access, at least initially, so that it can be configured for use.

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