Can I Use the Skybell DBCam Trim w/ a Lyric Security System?

Yes, you can use the Skybell DBCam Trim with a Lyric security system. This is because the Skybell can be controlled and operated through the Total Connect service. Since the Lyric Controller is compatible with Total Connect, it is possible to use a Skybell DBCam Trim with the system.

Once your Skybell DBCam Trim has been installed and set up, you will be able to perform all of its functions using Total Connect. This includes viewing a live feed of the camera, interacting with whoever is at your door and being notified whenever the doorbell is pressed. By using the Total Connect mobile app, you will be able to perform these functions from almost anywhere in the world.

It is also possible to integrate the Skybell DBCam Trim so that the Lyric Controller produces a "chime" sound when the main button on the doorbell is pressed. This is useful for having the Lyric act as a local sound maker for the SkyBell device. This can be done by going to on a web browser that is on the same WIFI network as the DBCam Trim. The access code you will enter is "honeywelllyriccontroller". You will also need to enter in the serial number for the DBCam Trim. From there, you can configure the device as needed.

Follow these steps to get started using your Skybell DBCam Trim with Total Connect:

1. Install the Skybell. Install the Skybell DBCam Trim as normal. Consult the guide that came with the device for more information.

2. Enable the Skybell feature. In order to use a Skybell device with Total Connect, you will need to have the feature enabled by your monitoring company. Contact your alarm company, and let them know that you would like to use a Skybell with Total Connect. Your alarm company will then enable the Skybell feature for your account from their end, and they will assist you with creating a Skybell account.

3. Enter into synchronization mode. Using the Total Connect mobile app on your smartphone, login to your Total Connect account. Choose the option for "Doorbell". Please note that this option may be found under "More" if it is not immediately visible. Then press the "Next" button to continue.

Make sure your Skybell is in WIFI Synchronization mode. You will know it is in this mode because the device will be blinking red and green. If it is not already in synchronization mode, press and hold the main button on the doorbell until it starts blinking red and green. Once it is in synchronization mode, press the "Next" button.

4. Join a WIFI network. With the Skybell device in synchronization mode, press the "Select Skybell WIFI" button within the app. Then select the access point titled "SkybellHD". You will then be prompted to choose a WIFI network for the Skybell device. Make your selection to place a checkmark next to the network you want to use. Then hit the "Next" button. You will then need to enter in the password for the WIFI network. Enter in the password, and then press the "Next" button. Your Total Connect account will then begin configuring and enrolling your Skybell device.

Once the process is complete, you can press the "Watch Live" button to view a live feed of the device.

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Firas, The Ring doorbell is not compatible with the Lyric Security Panel only the skybell in a capacity that will sound the panel if the doorbell is triggered (No Video), and the only cameras that would be compatible for direct viewing would be old legacy Alarmnet cameras including part numbers IPCam-wi2, iPCam-WL, and IPCam-WO, which are no longer made by the manufacturer.
Can I connect Ring doorbell and security camera to Honeywell lyric?
Paul, you are correct in everything you said. No indication about implementing those new features.
From a hardware perspective, I imagine the Skybell integrated with the Lyric controller would be capable of using it as an outdoor motion sensor, live video feed and two-way audio. Any indication that those features may be on the Resideo roadmap? As far as I know, the current firmware treats it as a sensor zone when the Skybell button is pressed and chimes the Lyric controller. I guess for live video and two-way audio, the more prevalent use case is to open the Skybell or Total Connect app on a smart phone or a tablet when the doorbell rings.
Hi Peter, A wireless siren cannot support the chime feature.
Can this chime feature work with the wireless siren? And will it work when the Lyric system is armed?
Aw man, I wish the skybell would show video and then two way voice on the Lyric panel.
No, it does not require the Platinum plan.
Does this feature require Platinum-level monitoring? The Skybell website indicates it comes with "free cloud recording with no monthly fees".

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