Can I Use Total Connect 2.0 If My WIFI is Down?

Yes, you can still use Total Connect 2.0 if your WIFI is down. But this is only possible if you have a cellular communicator installed and activated with your system. This will require having a monitoring plan that includes cellular service. For Alarm Grid, you need a Gold Plan or higher.

In order to use Total Connect 2.0 to control your system for security or automation, your system must have an active connection with the AlarmNet360 Servers that host the TC2 platform. This connection can come in the form of an IP (WIFI or ethernet) connection or a cellular connection. Many users will have a dual-path setup configured so that if one path goes down, then the other path will be there to back it up. The most common scenario is that the internet is out, and the system will switch to cellular to communicate.

Total Connect 2.0 must have an active connection with the system in order for any command to go through. For example, if you go to arm your system from Total Connect 2.0, then TC2 needs to send a signal to the system for the arming command to be successful. If the command cannot successfully reach the system, then it won't be able to go through. Total Connect 2.0 also needs to receive a return signal from the system stating that the command went through successfully. Otherwise, TC2 will not be able to update the status.

Internet outages are fairly common. It is expected that the internet in your home or business may go out from time to time. If your panel relies on internet monitoring alone, then that presents somewhat of a security risk. Luckily, alarm manufacturers thought of this, and they made it possible for systems to communicate across cellular networks. Cellular communication is generally much more reliable than IP communication, making it the perfect backup.

As long as the cellular connection for your system is maintained, you will be able to do everything you normally could from Total Connect 2.0. This includes arming/disarming, checking status, and controlling smart home automation devices. However, this is only possible if you have a cellular communication path enabled. If your system is not enabled for cellular connectivity, then an internet outage will indeed make it impossible to control the system through TC2. If you do not have cellular monitoring, talk to your alarm monitoring company about how you can set it up. Alarm Grid offers cellular monitoring that you may be interested in. You are welcome to email us at if you have any questions.

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