Can Total Connect control a ZWave thermostat on a 20P?

The ZWSTAT is a Z-Wave enabled device that requires the user to have a Z-Wave controller in order to make it work. The VISTA-20P does not come with a Z-Wave controller.

However, as an enhancement, a user can control the thermostat using the Tuxedo Touch WIFI, which is a color touchscreen enabled keypad with an integrated Z-Wave controller that can be added to the VISTA-20P. Unfortunately for Tuxedo Touch users, Total Connect is not yet compatible with the Tuxedo Touch, so this setup only allows you to control the thermostat locally from the Tuxedo Touch.

Honeywell will eventually integrate the Total Connect service with the Tuxedo Touch and if you have a Tuxedo Touch WIFI, it should be a simple firmware upgrade once the integration has been released. We are hoping that Honeywell has that available sometime in the second quarter of 2013.

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