Can I use Wired Contacts on a Honeywell L5200?

Yes, you can use wired contacts with a Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200. There is a pair of on board terminals where you can land a single wired zone. Simply wire the included resistor in series with the wired zone. The internal wired zone is assigned to Zone 1 in panel programming.

Want to add more wired zones to your L5200? Check out the Honeywell 5800C2W - 9 Zone wired to wireless converter. If you have an existing wired panel and/or a prewired home or business the 5800C2W is a great way to transmit any wired zone back to a wireless L5200 alarm system. The unit is powered by an AC transformer and has the ability to transmit up to 9 wired zones.

Yes, you can have more than one! In fact, you can enroll up to 7 of these units maxing out the panel at a total of 63 supervised/non-supervised zones. This is accomplished by assigning a unique serial number in numerical order to each zone. The 5800C2W supports not only door and window contacts but powered devices such as PIR motion detectors and glass breaks. The unit offers 100mA max output for these powered devices. A standard motion detector draws about 20mA max so you can theoretically have about 5 wired motions.

So do not feel pressured to go with a wired alarm system just because your system is already prewired. Use the resources that Honeywell now offers to build a system that is flexible and future proof. The L5200 offers affordable, easy to install modules for home automation, cellular and IP communication. The new feautures include flash upgradeabilty, more zones with up to 79 total wireless zones, and even more zwave compatibility across more brands. The L5200 will make your DIY installation and programming a breeze!

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Yes, any wired zone type except Smoke, Heat, or Carbon Monoxide can be used with the 5800C2W. You could also connect through a 5800 series wireless transmitter, such as a 5816 (normally closed panic) or 5817XT (if you want to use a normally open panic).
how do you connect a wired panic button from the same system above to the Lynx 5210 panel??? can I connect through the 5800C2W panel??
Yes, you should be able to convert your existing wired zones to the 5800C2W converter so that you could learn them into a new LYNX Touch system as wireless zones.
I believe I have a very old alarm system, Vista 20, can't find any info. about it from the web. I would like to add remotely arm and disarm feature to my system using WiFi. I am thinking about convert the wired sensors to wireless by using 5800C2W and change the keypad to L5200, will it work?

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