Can I use wired contacts w/ a Lyric security system?

The Lyric security system supports 2 hardwire zone inputs. These zones can be configured with an EOLR, Normally Open, or Normally Closed. The maximum loop tolerance when End of Line Resistor is used is 200 ohms plus the 2K resistor (1800 ohms to 2200 ohms). In addition, these 2 zones can only be programmed as a Door (Entry/Exit 1, Entry/Exit 2, Perimeter, General/Resident Monitor, or General/Resident Response) or a Window (Entry/Exit 1, Entry/Exit 2, Perimeter, Day/Night, General/Resident Monitor or General/Resident Response). Since there is no Auxiliary power output on the Lyric Security System, it is not recommended to use powered devices on the hardwire zones, such as motion detectors, or glassbreak sensors. If you do try to use these types of sensors, you will have to add a power supply with its own backup battery to power them.

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Yes they can.
can the honeywell c2w modules be used with the lyric?

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