Can I Use Z-Wave Motions With a Lyric Gateway?

No, you cannot use Z-Wave motions with a Lyric Gateway.

The Honeywell Lyric Gateway is the newest all-in-one wireless panel. There are Z-Wave motions available on the market but none of them will work with the Lyric Gateway. In fact, the only Z-Wave devices that can be enrolled to a Lyric Gateway are lifestyle enhancement devices. This includes lights, locks, thermostats, motorized shutoffs and things of this nature. Any Z-Wave security related device (door/window contacts, smoke/CO/Heat detectors, motion detectors, glass break detectors, etc) are not supported by the system, even if you manage to successfully enroll them. If a user wants to add wireless security, fire, or CO devices to their system, they will need to select a device from the 5800 family or the SiX Sensor family. A combination of 5800 and SiX devices can be used on the same system.

The system comes pre-installed with either an Ethernet or WIFI communicator and a Z-Wave Plus controller. The Gateway has ready to use ports on the top of the unit that allow a user to install either a Verizon or an AT&T cellular module.The Gateway can send all its communication over Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular, if a single path is desired, or Cellular can be combined with either Ethernet or WIFI for a Dual Path system. When using this configuration, if the primary path, which will always be Ethernet or WIFI, fails, the system will automatically switch to the Cellular communication path.

The Lyric Gateway is compatible with all 5800 devices that don’t require a House ID to operate. Honeywell has said that the House ID feature will be brought to the Gateway with a firmware update at some point in the future. The Gateway is fully compatible with the new line of SiX Series wireless sensors. These devices are fully encrypted, bi-directional devices that have an operational range of up to 300 feet.

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