Can I View the Images Captured By the PG9944 On the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus?

Yes, you can view the images captured by the PG9944 on the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus. When the PG9944 detects movement, its built-in camera takes ten (10) images and sends them to the IQ Panel 2 Plus for local viewing. Of these ten images, only the first is forwarded to the platform.

Dsc pg9944 powerg 915mhz out wireless pir motion detector built

The DSC PG9944 is a PowerG Motion Sensor with a built-in camera, also referred to as an image sensor. The device is weather-resistant and can be used safely in an outdoor environment. It uses eight (8) distinct PIR sensors, each equipped with a quad-detection configuration for reliable motion detection. The camera produces high-resolution photos that can be used to accurately identify individuals in both light and dark environments. Overall, the PG9944 is a good alternative to full-motion security cameras that capture video.

When the system that the PG9944 is programmed with goes into alarm, the PG9944 camera will capture ten (10) distinct images consecutively. The sensor will stitch these images together so that they somewhat resemble a stop-motion video. The images will then be made available on the IQ Panel 2 Plus System for local viewing. You can find these images on the panel by scrolling right or left from the main screen until you reach the photos section. This is also where you will see any system disarm photos, alarm photos and other captured images.

Of the ten images that are produced, only the first one will be sent to the platform. The image will be listed under "Panel Camera", and it will only appear if the Panel Camera Images feature is enabled. Also, you must enable the Panel Camera Alarm Image Uploads feature from the customer version of the website. To do this, log into your account through a web browser, select Automation on the left-hand side, and then click the toggle button to enable the feature. The picture below shows what it looks like when the feature is turned ON.

It is recommended that you test the DSC PG9944 after installing to make sure that images appear on both the panel and If you find that images are not appearing, then you should check the programming settings for the sensor, as well as your settings. The issue is usually fairly easy to troubleshoot.

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