Can a Go!Control be a no-monitoring Z-Wave Controller?

Of course. The 2GIG Go!Control is a self-contained wireless alarm system with a built-in Z-Wave controller. Although the GoControl is generally monitored by a central station, it will still function locally as a Z-Wave controller without any monitoring services. The device supports up to 232 Z-Wave devices but keeping this number to 100 or less is ideal for a DIYer. Z-Wave technology can be tricky and its crucial to include devices in the proper manner.

The closest Z-Wave devices should be included into the mesh network first. Then you can add the next closest device. This forces the devices to take the most efficient path back to the controller including jumping from node to node. Z-Wave technology allows up to 4 hops before reaching the controller. This strengthens your mesh network and allows device physically located further away to still join the network and communicate reliably. The RF range varies but its best to have no more than 30-50 feet between nodes. There are newer generations of Z-Wave devices that support up to 75 but they will be specifically labeled as such.

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