Can the Honeywell 5808W3 be interlinked?

The Honeywell 5808W3 wireless smoke and heat detector cannot be interlinked. Most building code now requires interconnected smoke detectors. This generally pertains to high voltage AC powered smokes that are wired on a single, discrete circuit to your electrical sub-panel. These are designed to save your life in the event of a fire when you are home and a fire breaks out. Again, these are generally wired with high voltage cabling and have battery backup (generally, 9V) on board each detector. The 5808W3 is not designed to replace or take the place of interconnected smokes.

The 5808W3 is fully battery powered (3V) smoke and heat detector that is designed primarily as a means to dispatch the fire department in the event of a fire and/or a secondary life safety system. This device utilizes a photoelectric beam for smoke detection which is recommended over the more antiquated ionization technology. This is due to the acute sensitivity required to detect smoldering fires. The heat detection technology is tripped at a fixed temperature of 135F degrees. Unfortunately, the 5808W3 does not execute rate of rise heat detection. If you are interested in rate of rise heat detection, check out the Honeywell 5809.

All in all, wireless smoke detectors are a great way to setup remote fire monitoring to protect your home from smoke/fire damage. This is achieved by setting up central station monitoring and getting the fire department to the home in a timely fashion. We offer no contract monitoring options which include fire dispatching for all non-self monitoring plans. However, these do not replace the interconnected smokes required by law to protect lives in the event of a fire.

**The 5808W3 is UL-Listed for Residential (UL985) and Commercial (UL864 REV 9) fire standards.**

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I greatly prefer the Honeywell 5800 series sensors over any other brand due to their versatility, size and durability. For that reason I would say go with the RE524X.
Frank, thank you for that clear solution. Do you think it is better to use the converter (opening our horizons to use the 5800 series devices) or do you think that the Tx-6010-01-1 is just as good and we should stick with those without the converter?
The GE Concord 4 does not support Honeywell 5800 series sensors. However we carry a wireless converter that can accept 5800 and output GE RF technology. This will still require a GE wireless receiver which if your system already has GE wireless sensors you should already have one. Here is the RE524X: Here is the manual for more details:
Is the Concord 4 compatible with 5800 series devices. It does not seem to recognize a 5808W3 when tripped.
The 5808W3 does not support Rate of Rise heat detection. This promotional brochure you are linking is misleading and does not mention any model numbers. However the photos are depicting the 5808W3 and 5809 ( ). The misleading part is that the 5808W3 is a photoelectronic smoke and fixed heat while the 5809 is rate of rise and fixed heat.
Your posting incorrectly states that the Honeywell 5808W3 Wireless Monitored Smoke Detector does not have rate-of-rise heat detection. Please refer to the Honeywell document below.

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