Can You Turn Off the Siren on a 2GIG GC3?

Yes, you can turn off the siren on a 2GIG GC3 by disconnecting the siren's internal plug from the main system board. This will completely disable the siren. Alternatively, you can also decrease the siren duration through system programming. However, this will not fully turn off the siren.

The internal siren of the GC3 sounds at 85 dB during an alarm event. The siren can have its siren duration adjusted in a burglary [Panel programming Q40] or fire alarm event [Panel programming Q41], but it cannot be fully disabled through programming. The siren can sound for 4, 8, 12,16 or unlimited minutes in the event of an alarm. Burglary and fire alarms can each have their own sounder timeout setting.

The siren can be fully disabled by unplugging it from the main system. The siren plug is located in the lower left hand corner of the panel. The backup battery plug is located near the middle of the board right next to the battery itself. There is also a speaker connector, which is where the voice, and lower dB beep sounds originate. Unplugging the siren connector will not disable the voice and arming/disarming beeps, and unplugging the speaker connector will not disable alarm siren sounds.

Complete the following steps to unplug the siren from the GC3:

  1. Disconnect AC power and open the system. The GC3 should be completely powered off before removing the siren. Unplug the system's transformer from the outlet. Then remove the set screw from the bottom of the unit, and pull the system off of its back plate.
  2. Unplug the backup battery then the internal siren. The GC3 has an internal backup battery that must be disconnected before unplugging the siren. Firmly grasp the connector, and pull the plug directly up from the board. The plug should pop out, and the system should fully power down. Next, grasp the plug for the siren, not the wires, and pull it straight up from the system board and out of its connection. This is a snug connection, and may require a tool, such as needle nose pliers to accomplish.
  3. Re-assemble and power up the system. Connect the backup battery plug first. Next, mount the system back on its wall plate, and install the set screw on the bottom. Lastly, plug the system's transformer into the outlet.

    With the siren disconnected, the system can still speak, and will still provide arm/disarm and entry/exit, as well as chime beeps, if enabled. It will not provide the 85 dB alarm siren sound for any zone.

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