Conventional vs Monitored Smoke Detectors

Conventional smoke detectors and monitored smoke detectors are two different types of smoke detectors. The difference between the two is that a monitored smoke is connected with a security system and possibly a monitoring station. A conventional smoke is simply a noise-making device.

The smoke detectors sold on the Alarm Grid website are all monitored smoke detectors. These devices are designed to connect with a security system, either wirelessly or through a hardwired connection. When the smoke detector activates, not only will the device itself produce a siren, but the alarm system will as well. If the system is monitored by a central station, then an alert can be sent out to request fire dispatch. This is very useful if nobody is around to report the fire. Additionally, if the system is connected with an interactive service like Total Connect or, then the user can receive text and email alerts regarding an activated monitored smoke detector.

On the other hand, a conventional smoke detector is not connected to anything. It simply produces a loud sound when smoke is sensed. This is good for letting people inside the building know about a potential fire. However, if there is nobody around to hear the device, then it is completely useless. Unless someone hears the smoke detector or sees the fire, the fire department will not be called.

That said, there are devices that allow a conventional smoke detector to be used with an alarm system. These are called smoke detector takeover modules, and they are designed to listen for the sound of a smoke detector that has been activated. When the smoke detector activates, the takeover module will detect the sound and send a signal to the alarm system on behalf of the smoke detector. This allows a conventional smoke detector to function much in the same manner as a monitored smoke detector. One example of a smoke detector takeover module is the Encore FireFighter FF345, which is designed for use with Honeywell and 2GIG Panels.

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