2GIG SMKT2-345

Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

2gig smkt2 345

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The 2GIG SMKT2-345 is a wireless photoelectric smoke and heat detector. There is a built-in 345MHz RF transmitter designed to send signal...

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The 2GIG SMKT2-345 is a wireless photoelectric smoke and heat detector. There is a built-in 345MHz RF transmitter designed to send signals to the 2GIG Go!Control security system. The detector uses photoelectric technology to pick up smoke and trip the fire alarm on the system. There is also an integrated heat sensor which uses both fixed temperature (135F degrees) and rate of rise (15F degrees increase within 1 minute). This versatile device offers redundant fire detection technologies to quickly inform the alarm panel in the event of a fire!

When smoke is detected a local alarm is triggered inside the smoke detector. Twenty seconds later the wireless signal is transmitted to the main panel where it can be forwarded to a central station or interactive application for text/email alerts. The sensor will continue to send signals every 20 seconds until the smoke is cleared out of the chamber.

The SMKT2 is powered by (2) 3V lithium batteries that are included with the product. When the batteries are getting low the system will generate a low battery trouble signal. You can purchase replaceable CR123 batteries when needed. There is a test button opposite the sounder vent on the front side of the smoke detector. We recommend testing the smoke detector weekly to ensure proper function and enrollment with the alarm system.

There is also a sensitivity test that tells you the level of sensitivity of the smoke and heat sensors. Press and hold the test button for 4 seconds and the LED will flash between 1 and 9 times. 0 to 1 flashes means the unit is unserviceable and should be reset and tested again. If the issue persists than replace it. 2 to 3 flashes requires a cleaning of the sensors to remove any dust that is blocking the sensors. 4 to 7 flashes requires no action since the sensor is working perfectly. Lastly, if the detector is too sensitive it will flash 8 to 9 times. Ensure that the housings are all snapped shut and replace the optical chamber.

The Honeywell Lyric alarm system now supports this sensor with the release of the MR3 firmware update!


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