Do Wave2 sirens need drivers?

The Wave2, Wave2F and Wave2PD sirens do not require siren drivers. The Wave2 series are self-contained alarm sirens, meaning they have a speaker and built in siren driver. This allows for a very easy installation, as all you have to do is connect the Wave2 to the bell circuit of your Honeywell wired alarm control panel. By contrast, the Wave and Wave-F is just a speaker, meaning it requires an external siren driver in order to sound an alarm.

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No, the bell output on the 2Gig is rated up to 120mA so you'd need a WAVE2EX ( ) if you wanted to wire a siren into the panel as this siren draws 500mA.
can you use the WAVE2 with the 2GIG system with the hardwire bell circuit? If not what siren will work with the 2GIG system
Hi Ron, you can use any wired siren with the LYNX Touch but you will need a relay module (wired or wireless) and an auxiliary power supply as the LYNX Touch panel has no bell output. You can view a document on adding wired sirens at
Is the Wave 2 siren compatible with the L 5200 control panel

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