Does a Honeywell 4219 Require a Relay?

No, a Honeywell 4219 does not require a relay. The Honeywell 4219 is wired-in directly with a Honeywell VISTA Panel, and it receives power directly from the system. There is no power relay required. As long as the system is receiving adequate AC or battery power, the 4219 will remain powered on.

Honeywell 4219 8 zone wired expansion moduleThe Honeywell 4219 is a hardwired zone expander that is used primarily with Honeywell VISTA Systems. The device is used when a user needs to increase the number of available hardwired zones on their system. The 4219 will add eight additional hardwired zones to their system. However, users should still keep in mind any total zone limits for their panel. Each VISTA System has a limit to the total number of hardwired zones that can be used.

Hardwired sensors will connect with the 4219 Zone Expander in the same way that they would with a normal VISTA System. The sensors can be supervised by 2k ohm end-of-line resistors (EOLR). Older 4219 modules required that the resistor be used, and very old modules actually used a 1k ohm resistor instead of a 2k ohm. The newest version of the module allows you to enable or disable the EOLR using a dip switch on the module. If the module is set not to use EOLR, then only normally closed sensors can be used on that module.

Almost any hardwired sensor can be used with the 4219, but there are some important restrictions on hardwired life-safety sensors. Zones programmed for Zone Type 14, which is 24-Hour Carbon Monoxide should not be connected to the panel through the 4219. They should instead be wired to one of the actual hardwired inputs on the alarm panel. Additionally, the 4219 itself will receive power directly from the remote connection points on the VISTA System. The module will use 12VDC power at 35mA. The VISTA will receive its power primarily from a plug-in transformer, and a battery will provide backup power.

Since the 4219 draws power directly from the panel, power to the system should be cut before attempting to install a 4219 Zone Expander. The 4219 can be mounted away from the panel, or it can be installed directly inside the VISTA Panel's metal enclosure. When installing the 4219, it is important to make sure that the device's dip switches are set correctly. The position of the dip switches plays a major role in addressing the 4219 to a VISTA System.

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