Does a Honeywell VISTA 20P Support Motion Sensors?

Yes, a Honeywell VISTA 20P does support motion sensors. The panel can support hardwired motion sensors, and it can also support 345 MHz wireless motion sensors if a wireless receiver is added. Users should have no problem finding a compatible motion detecting sensor that suits their needs.

Honeywell vista 20p wired alarm control panel

A motion sensor is a device that is designed to respond to movement in an area. Most motion sensors do that by looking for the changes in infrared (IR) energy that occur with movement. However, there are also some motion detectors that will only activate upon detecting changes in both IR energy and microwave energy. These are referred to as "dual-tech motion sensors", and they can be a great way to reduce false alarms. The Honeywell VISTA 20P is capable of supporting both standard PIR (passive infrared) motion detecting sensors and dual-tech microwave motion sensors.

Without any add-ons, a VISTA 20P System is only capable of supporting hardwired motion sensors. The motion sensors will need to be wired in directly with the panel's board. Each motion will take up one of the system's hardwired zones. The user will need to access panel programming using the system's Installer Code to configure the settings for that zone. These settings will determine how the system responds when the motion sensor is activated. Most motion sensors are programmed as either an interior sensor or a perimeter sensor.

If a user adds a wireless receiver, then they will also be able to use wireless motion sensors with the VISTA 20P System. This wireless receive can come in the form of a compatible keypad like a Honeywell 6160RF or a standalone wireless receiver like a Honeywell 5881ENH. The wireless motion sensor will need to communicate at a wireless frequency that is compatible with the wireless receiver. The best option is to usually use a 345 MHz motion sensor from the Honeywell 5800 Series. One of the most popular wireless motion sensors to use for this purpose is the Honeywell 5800PIR-RES.

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Thank you Julia Ross that is what I was looking for the information.. Best Regards
When programming, * before a field number allows you to fill that field, # before a field number allows you to view that field (as long as it's not a menu driven field). When making an entry into a field, some fields can take hexadecimal entries, so in location *55, an entry of #15 is actually entering an F in that field. The # tells the panel to treat that as a single character. I believe rev 10.23 is the latest for the 20P.
Hi Clara, Thanks for the reply, but what is the difference between the (* or # on the string) is it only for the dialer to be use?? Thanks Also is there an update rom version for my Vista 20P panel , I have 10.23 now??
Hi Randy, I do recommend reading this FAQ on clearing an FC code:
can anyone help me with the FC clear code string, *41 *42 #5+1 exactly what does the #5+1 do in the program string??? Thanks

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