Does a siren interact with Total Connect?

Sirens interact with the system they’re attached to, not directly from Total Connect 2.0

Total Connect 2.0 is a Honeywell application used to access and control compatible alarm systems through a web browser or smart device app. The app can be downloaded onto Apple or Android enabled smart devices. Total Connect 2.0 can also be accessed through a web browser by navigating to the online login screen. With Total Connect 2.0 a user has access to multiple different areas of the system. Users can arm and disarm with a simple button press, or load up a virtual keypad to enter codes and system commands. From the web interface, new users can be added and existing users can be edited. System events can be viewed, saved and deleted in a convenient scrolling visual interface. Users can enter email addresses and/or SMS information to which alarm events can be sent. These notifications can be used in addition to central station monitoring for the system. Users can even activate home automation devices and program these devices into smart scenes right from the program. Smart scenes can run home automation devices (Z-Wave devices) when certain events occur or when a scheduled event is set to trigger.

A siren is a sounding device that notifies a user of an alarm or triggered event. Wired systems typically need an external siren to be connected. Honeywell Lynx Touch and Lyric wireless systems have a built in internal sounder. There are also wireless sirens that can be added to compatible systems. Sirens are operated by the panels they are attached to. In an alarm situation, sirens can be programmed to activate and notify the user at the location that there is something going on.

There is no explicit option within Total Connect 2.0 to activate a siren. The system will need to go into an alarm event or triggered event to activate a siren. The only instance where Total Connect 2.0 interacts directly with a siren is when a user has the 5877 Garage Door Kit installed. This kit has a Fortrezz Z-Wave siren that sounds when the garage door is activated through Total Connect 2.0, as a warning to users in the area that the garage door is changing state. With this being said, the Fortrezz Z-Wave siren will not activate from any other system status and cannot be used by itself as a wireless siren for the system.

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