Does the Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W Work With the PROA7PLUS Panel?

Yes, the Honeywell Home PROSIXC2W works with the PROA7PLUS Panel. The PROSIXC2W Wired to Wireless Converter is built specifically with the PROA7PLUS System in mind. You use the PROSIXC2W Converter to integrate otherwise incompatible wired sensors with the PROA7PLUS Security System.

If you are familiar with other wired to wireless system converters, then you should already be familiar with how the PROSIXC2W operates. Wired sensors connect to zone terminals on the PROSIXC2W. There are eight (8) wired zones available on the PROSIXC2W for this purpose. The PROSIXC2W then sends wireless signals to the PROA7PLUS System on behalf of the connected hardwired sensors. The PROA7PLUS will then see the wired sensors as compatible wireless devices. Specifically, they will be recognized as PROSIX Series devices. This is because the PROSIXC2W sends the same type of 128-bit AES encrypted signals as normal PROSIX Sensors. By using this setup, you can enroll wired sensors with the PROA7PLUS, when there is normally no other way for the PROA7PLUS System to acknowledge these devices.

There are some requirements and restrictions associated with the use of the PROSIXC2W. First, any of the eight (8) zone inputs being used must be set up with end-of-line resistors (EOLRs). The PROSIXC2W supports EOLR learning and calibration so that you can use any resistor value ranging from 1k to 10k, as well as resistors of different values at different zones. This is good if you are adding sensors that already have EOLRs wired into the zone circuit. For calibration to be successful, you should complete all the wiring for the sensors and the resistors prior to performing the calibration process. You must also reperform the calibration process if you ever change any of the connected sensors or their EOLRs. The PROSIXC2W comes with 2.2k resistors color-coded red-red-red-gold that you can use if you need new resistors or if you're replacing a wired panel that didn't use resistors originally. When using partitioning, all zones connected to a single PROSIXC2W must be programmed onto the same partition.

Another limitation of the PROSIXC2W is that you cannot use life-safety sensors, including any wired smoke detectors, heat detectors, or CO detectors with the unit. If you want to pair life-safety sensors with the PROA7PLUS System, then it is recommended that you use wirelress devices from the PROSIX Series Lineup, like the PROSIXSMOKEV, the PROSIXCO, and the PROSIXCOMBO. Also, you can only use a maximum of two (2) powered sensors with a single PROSIXC2W unit. Powered sensors are devices that draw power from the panel or wired to wireless converter as part of their operation. You can usually recognize a powered sensor by the fact that it will use four (4) wires, instead of just two (2). In this case, the sensor will have 2 wires going to the zone terminals, and the other 2 going to the auxiliary power terminals. But you cannot have more than two (2) of the sensors doing this. If you need to set up additional powered sensors with your PROA7PLUS, then you should get an additional PROSIXC2W unit or an auxiliary power supply.

Since the PROSIXC2W transmits the same type of signals as PROSIX Series Sensors, it can only be used with systems that support the PROSIX Series devices. In that regard, the only systems that currently recognize the wireless signals from PROSIX Sensors are the Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS or the Resideo PROA7PLUSC. If there is ever a new system that is also able to interface with the PROSIX wireless signals, then it is likely that it would also support the PROSIXC2W. But as of January 2021, the only systems that can support the PROSIXC2W and any other PROSIX device are those listed above. It is unlikely that this will change in the near future.

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