Does the LYNX Touch 5200 use Z-Wave Motion Detectors?

The Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch currently does not support Z-wave motion detectors. Currently the L5200 only supports the Honeywell L5100-ZWAVE  controller. This unit supports 3 z-wave thermostat, 4 z-wave door locks, and 40 z-wave lights. Although the system does not currently support z-wave motion detectors there is a way to trigger automated scenes via motion detection. 

The L5200 LYNX Touch supports any Honeywell wireless motion detector. If you have the L5100-ZWAVE module installed you have the ability to create scenes that include your z-wave devices. In automation programming you can setup a scene to adjust your thermostat or turn off a light based on a faulted zone (i.e. tripping a motion detector). 

Simply program a scene that includes the z-wave devices you would like to affect. Then create a rule and choose the 'Type' as 'Scene.' Then select the desired scene name in the 'Scene' selection in the top right corner. Choose the 'Action' as 'Run Scene.' Hit the down arrow to go to the next page. Then click the 'Zone Number Operation' field until it says 'Fault.' You can now map the 'First Start Zone' to whichever sensor you would like to trigger the scene when faulted.

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes automation integration on the L5200. So even though the LYNX Touch does not support z-wave motion detectors it does support motion detection triggered automation scenes. We will announce if Honeywell makes changes around what type of z-wave devices the LYNX Touch models support. 

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Hi thank you for your response..... Plse provide local Canadian providers so that I can complete this phase of set up. You mentioned that I need a GSMVLP5CM4G for Canadian service, could you provide cost and shipping if applicable.
Do you have a GSMVLP5-4G or a GSMVLP5CN4G? As you are in Canada, unless you have the 'CN' version, you won't have the proper SIM card in the unit to activate with the Rogers network. We can get you in touch with a local Canadian provider if you do need to purchase the proper cellular unit. Feel free to call us to discuss at 888-818-7728.l
Okay I have a Lynx 5100 and am mostly interested in the automation and cell phone access....monitoring comes with out saying. I have installed the wifi and z wave components and came with a GSMLVP5 4G component with a sim card as the unit was used before. Is this all I need to set this up ? I was getting a error code "comm error 103? Thank you for your support
Yes, we offer service in Canada.
I live in Alberta, Canada, do you cover us with Alarmgrid?

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