Does Total Connect Work with a VISTA 21ip?

The VISTA 21iP is one one of the most popular wired security systems made by Honeywell. Very similar to its counterpart, the VISTA 20P, the 21iP comes with an internet communicator built into the panel itself. The 20P is functionally similar but requires the addition of the 7847i IP communicator if you want internet monitoring.

The 21iP will work very well with Total Connect. Connecting it to the internet will allow it to communicate with Alarm Net servers, which makes the panel Total Connect ready. Further security can be added to the VISTA 21iP by connecting it to a GSM communicator which will also communicate with Total Connect. Adding the GSM will make the 21iP a dual path communicating device.

Total Connect will give the security system the ability to be controlled from your phone, computer, or tablet (android or iPod will work). It will allow you to turn the system on and off, get messages from the system based on events that are recorded by the system, and more. The VISTA-21iP cannot, however, use the remote home automation features available in Total Connect, since its Home Automation device, the Tuxedo Touch, is not yet compatible with Total Connect (though it is supposed to be made compatible soon).

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