Honeywell 5800MICRA vs 5816od

The Honeywell 5800MICRA is coin shaped recessed window contact. At only 3/4 inch in diameter, 1/3 inch in depth, this device is the smallest wireless security sensor on the market. It is a perfect solution for window protection as long you are able to drill into the window for the small magnet and the frame for the sensor itself. The best practice for installation is to drill a small 1/4 inch hole clean through the frame in order to feed the antenna into the adjoining wall cavity. This device is able to transmit RF signals up to 500 feet in open air but will greatly diminished if the antenna is bunched up in the wall. With proper installation, the device has a max RF range of 100 feet. The unit uses a lithium coin cell battery that is designed to last up to 10 years depending on usage. 

The 5816OD is Honeywell's only outdoor wireless contact. Its rugged shell meets NEMA4X water protection standards which means it is built to last in any outdoor condition. Worried about extreme temperatures? Well, this sensor will stand up to temperatures ranging from -40° to 150°, so unless you are in Alaska this guy has you covered. The standard 1/2 inch maximum magnet spacing gap for the 5800MICRA will work fine with window, but when you are protecting large gates or barn doors this gap may not be realistic. The 5816OD supports up to a 1 3/4 inches on wood and vinyl and 1 1/2 inches on metal materials. Since this unit is designed to be outside, it is able to transmit RF signals up to 200 feet back to the panel. This signal can be repeated using a 5800RP which will extend this signal up to another 200 feet. 

The 5800MICRA and 5816OD have very different applications so it difficult to truly compare them. However they both have industry leading features for outdoor and indoor applications. 

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