Honeywell 5816 vs 5816OD

Both the Honeywell 5816 and the 5816OD are wireless door/window transmitters and are part of the Honeywell 5800 series.

The 5816OD is a weatherproof, water resistant outdoor wireless door sensor that provides excellent detection in harsh outdoor weather. It operates in temperatures that range from -40 degrees fahrenheit to 150 degree fahrenheit. The 5816OD’s case provides protection against corrosion, wind, dust, rain, hose directed water and ice formation. The case comes in dark gray but can be painted using any good paint made for plastic. The average install range is 200 feet. Wireless range is always dependent on how many walls and type of construction the signal must go through. A 5800RP repeater can be added if needed. The 5816OD contains 2 zones. The first loop is a normally closed circuit contact that can have external devices wired directly to it. The second loop is a built in magnetic reed switch that can be used to protect sheds, detached garages, gates or anything else that has an entry/exit point. The 5816OD when paired with an outdoor magnetic pull apart contact can be used to protect equipment.

The 5816OD dimensions are 2.01 inches wide, 4.25 inches high, 1.4 inches depth. The magnet is .89 inches wide, 4.02 inches high, .92 inches depth.

The Honeywell 5816 is a indoor wireless transmitter that also provides reliable detection and is very cost effective. The 5816’s case comes in a standard white plastic case, but brown cases can be ordered. The 5816 is a two zone transmitter with both built in magnet reed switches and wired closed circuit contact loop. The dimensions of the 5816 is 3 1/16 inches high, 1 9/16 inches wide and 1 3/16 inches depth.

In conclusion - both are excellent transmitters. The 5816OD is used as an outdoor door and window sensor and the 5816 is a traditional indoor door and window sensor. The 5816 has internal screw terminals which can be utilized to hard wire an additional zone to any wired door /window contact.

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