Honeywell iGSMHS4G vs GSMV4G

The iGSMHS4G is a dual path high security communicator for compatible wired Honeywell alarm panels.

The GSMX4G is a Total Connect 2.0 ready cellular communicator for compatible Honeywell wired alarm panels.

The iGSMHS4G is a standalone dual path communicator. The unit supports internet and 4G cellular communication. These two methods of transmission can be used in a dual path setup. This means that if one data path becomes unavailable, the device will automatically switch to the active communication path. The iGSMHS4G supports UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Line Supervision via its communication path. With UL Line Supervision enabled the communicator will send a message to AlarmNet every 200 seconds to confirm that the connection is available. If AlarmNet doesn’t receive this signal, a Comm Failure message is sent to the central station to initiate the proper response. This level of security is ideal for government institutions, banks, jewelry stores and other sensitive areas. The iGSMHS4G does not interface with Total Connect 2.0, as this would cause the unit to lose its UL Line Supervision rating. The device has its own mounting case with a dedicated back-up battery. The unit also has its own power transformer and can be wired up to its own outlet or wired through the panel in a shared transformer install.

The GSMX4G is a 4G enabled cellular communicator for use with compatible wired Honeywell and L3000 Lynx Plus alarm panels. The unit can use 24 hour AlarmNet supervision, Monthly supervision, or can be unsupervised (not recommended). Depending on the supervision option selected, the unit will send a message to the AlarmNet servers as confirmation that the communication path is good. If this message is not received, AlarmNet will send a Comm Failure signal to the central station, and they will respond accordingly, based on their policies and procedures. The GSMX4G has no standalone transformer - the unit uses the panels power for its operation. The GSMX4G has a custom mounting enclosure with a threaded connector for attaching onto a 3/4’ knockout on wired panel enclosure. It can be also be mounted on any flat surface. If used with an L3000, a special connector is required.

The major difference between the iGSMHS4G and GSMX4G is communication supervision, the communication paths available, the design of the devices and Total Connect 2.0 support. The iGSMHS4G can have UL Line Supervision enabled for all of its communication. The GSMX4G Daily, Monthly, or Unsupervised options. The iGSMHS4G can communicate over hardwired Ethernet and cellular networks. The GSMX4G is only able to communicate over a cellular network. The iGSMHS4G has its own backup battery, its own mounting enclosure and can use its own power transformer. The GSMX4G gets it power directly from the panel and uses the panels back up battery. The GSMX4G enclosure is able to screw directly into a 3/4' knock out hole on a wired panels container. The iGSMHS4G is not compatible with Total Connect 2.0 - the GSMX4G is fully compatible with Total Connect 2.0.




Compatible Panels

Works with most Vista panels and Honeywell Wired Panels

Works with most Vista panels and Honeywell Wired Panels

Communication Path

Network Ethernet Connection

Cellular Radio - 3G & 4G

Cellular Radio - 3G & 4G


200 Second UL Line Supervision

24 Hour or Monthly AlarmNet Supervision

Total Connect 2.0

Not Compatible


Panel Connection

4 Conductor Wire

4 Conductor Wire

Backup Battery




Mountable Enclosure Case

Mountable Enclosure Case with threaded attachment for installing directly to alarm panel case


Standalone Transformer

Receives Power from Main Panel

Private Key 256 Bit Encryption



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