How do I install a Honeywell iGSMV4G on a VISTA-20P?

The Honeywell iGSMV4G dual path internet and cellular communicator is a versatile, reliable communicator for your Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm system. The speed of the primary internet path and the reliability that the back up 4G cellular path offers is rock solid. Check out the iGSMV4G installation guide which is a great tool that walks you through the installation process step by step.

If this is a fresh installation follow these steps:

1. Test signal strength and determine location. (Install guide page 2-1)

Connect the unit's battery back up and AC power supply. Ideally the communicator can sit beside the panel so boot it up locally and check the LEDs for signal strength. You will need at least 3 LEDS for minimum signal to function. This is a rough test so if you have 3 or more just move to the next step. Your monitoring provider will be able to do more accurate testing once registered.

2. Mount the communicator. (Install guide page 2-2)

Simply mount the unit to the wall. This unit does not weigh very much so using zip-its or the included wall anchors will work well. Line up the back plate on the wall and trace the keyholes while the unit is level. Then pre-drill for the anchors. Make sure to use a bit that is slightly larger than the small end of the anchor. This way the anchor will slide in snug. After you push in the anchors, screw in the screws leaving space for the wall plate to sit on before tightening them all the way down. After you sit the back plate on the screws you can tighten the screws so the device is snug to the wall.

3A. Standard Install. Land power connections. (Install guide page 2-5.) Check out the VISTA15/20P quick install guide for a diagram of the panel.

Remove AC power and battery from panel. Power down completely.

Connect the included transformer to terminals 1 and 2 on the communicator. There is no polarity so just connect each terminal to one of the AC terminals on the transformer. Then plug into a 110 Volt AC outlet.

Connect to the alarm panel's auxiliary power terminals. Terminal 3 (ECP +) on the communicator goes to terminal 5 (AUX +) on the panel. Then connect terminal 4 (Ground) on communicator to terminal 4 (Ground) on the panel.

3B. Shared Transformer Install. Land power connections. (install guide page 2-9) Check out the VISTA15/20P quick install guide for a diagram of the panel.

Remove AC power and battery from panel. Power down completely.

Swap existing transformer with the iGSMV4G included transformer. Then wire terminals 1 and 2 on the communicator to terminals 1 and 2 on the panel. This will allow the IGSMV4G to share a connection to the transformer that powers the panel.

Connect the iGSMV4G power terminals to the alarm panel. Terminal 3 (ECP +) on the communicator goes to terminal 5 (AUX +) on the panel. Then connect terminal 4 (Ground) on communicator to terminal 4 (Ground) on the panel. When using the shared transformer method, do not exceed 30 feet of wiring between the communicator and the VISTA panel when using 18 gauge, 4 conductor wire.

4. Land data connections. (Install guide page 2-5)

Connect terminal 5 (data in) on the communicator to terminal 7 (data out) on the panel. Then wire terminal 6 (data out) on the communicator to terminal 6 (data in) on the panel. After the power and data connections are made, verify the connections and ensure there are no shorts across terminals.

5. Connect the included back up battery. (Install guide page 2-5)

Start off by placing the battery in the compartment in the lower right side of the back plate. Screw in the retainer clip to the backplate in order to secure the battery in place. Connect the red and black spade connectors to the same color on the battery terminals. Then, plug the battery connection into the J1 battery port found on the communicator's board.

6. Power the VISTA panel back up.

Depending on if you did the shared transformer setup (Step 3A) or not (Step 3B), you'll need to plug the AC transformer(s) back to the wall outlet and then re-connect the system's battery backup lead that was removed in step 3A or 3B. Let the system fully power up. If you get any faults try doing a disarm to clear any residual faults from the panel memory. Keep in mind that you will get a tamper alert if the cover is off your communicator. If you are still testing you can leave it off. Just keep in mind that you will need replace the cover then perform a disarm before you can arm the system.

7. Program the iGSMV4G. (Install guide page 3-1)

Connect with a Honeywell dealer in order to activate and register the radio on the Alarmnet server. We offer no contract alarm monitoring services that include cellular communication for an additional $10 per month. We will dial into your panel remotely using software that allows us to make the programming changes for you. Simply sign up for the plan you would like and send us the MAC and MAC CRC address from the iGSMV4g. This can be found on a sticker inside the module and on the box. Take a picture or jot it down so you can email it into your dealer.

If you have an existing GSMV that you are replacing simply disconnect old unit and land the power and data connections on the new iGSMV4G. Do you have an older Honeywell VISTA-20P alarm panel (version 2.0 or higher) and would like to install a dual path communicator and get Total Connect 2.0? No problem! Check out the iGSMV4G-TC2 . This kit includes the iGSMV4G and an updated PROM chip that will bring your older panel up to the newest revision (Total Connect 2.0 requires revision 9.12 or higher) with the flick of a paper clip. Simply power down the system and remove the existing PROM chip and gently push the new PROM chip into the slot and, voila! Power the system back up and it will be able to use Total Connect 2.0! Follow the steps above to install the communicator.

For further information on the iGSMV4G, please check out our FAQ page where you can also find the quick install guide.

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That sounds like an older VISTA-20SE panel and you wouldn't be able to PROM upgrade that system. I'd recommend putting in a new VISTA-21iP. If you want GSM as well as the managed IP connection (much better than trying to do a VOIP phone line on a system not designed for digital phone line signaling), there's also the VISTA-GSM4G backup unit. Do you guys offer alarm monitoring service? If not, we'd encourage you to check out our no-contract, low-cost plans online at We'd take very good care of your customers if you sent them out way once you get them the new panel installed.
What I am asking is if the panel that is with chip #WA7840V9 Rev. 10 is to old to upgrade with new chip that would make it compatible with the newer GSM modules. I think it may be too old as it says 1998 somewhere on chip. Thats OK Thank you very much for the responses you have given. Have a good one. May get hold of you later on. You guys do great videos and are very helpful. Thanks Ken
Hi Ken, I am not familiar with any easy way to use VOIP on the phone line dialer if that is what you are asking. We recommend internet or cellular communicators since the VISTA panels are designed for analog POTS phone lines, not the newer digital and VOIP infrastructures.
This is Ken Green, Patricias husband and owner of K G Communications. I used her FB to get to you. Licensed alarm installer in Ca. for over 20 yrs. I hate to sell my old customers on new panels if there is another way around voip. Thanks for any suggestions.
Are you with an alarm company?
My customers panel has a chip #WA7840V9 REv. 10 Any way to upgrade or do I need to change out panel?
The board between the Vista-20P and the FA168CPS is actually a little different, the chip for a 20P and a FA168CPS is the same, so you can put a new 20P chip in it, but it will still be a FA168CPS, just at the latest version.
I have a First Alert FA168CPs panel (2004). Is the PCB in this panel the same as the Honeywell Vista-20P (they look very very similar). Would the TC2 upgrade chip convert this panel to the latest Vista-20P? I want to add a dual path communicator to my system. Thanks!
The VISTA-40 is a polling loop panel so it does support sensors that wouldn't be supported on a VISTA-20P. Do you have any idea if you have polling loop devices installed currently? Are you able to send pictures of your panel, keypad and devices to if you don't have valid product numbers so we can help you identify your equipment?
Yes I would consider upgrading my panel. Preferably to something that would be compatible with all the existing wired devices on my current system (doors, window, motion, glass break, keypads) of possible. Would you suggest the 20p or something else? Thanks for your response
A VISTA-40 doesn't support the communicators in ECP mode so you could hook up an iGSMV4G but you couldn't get full event data to the central station without extra modules and you wouldn't be able to get Total Connect 2.0 service. Are you open to upgrading the panel? I would suggest that if you are.
I have an old system vista 40. Will it work with that?
Cool. Thank you Julia!
You want the iGSMV4G, I don't think the 7847i-GSM is available any more.
For the 20p, which would be the preferred solution - the 7847i-GSM or the iGSMV4G? Is the iGSMV4G a newer, replacement product for the 7847i-GSM? Functionality appears the same? Thank you.
With the iGSVM4G, if the device is activated, the dealer is paying for the cellular path so you would not have the option to use just the IP path.
With the iGSMV4G module, is it required to activate the GSM? Or can I use just the internet connection until I decide I want to add cellular?
Excellent! Thanks.
We are shipping the new 9.18 chips David.
What revision of the PROM are you distributing with the iGSMV4G-TC2? Thanks.
Shaun, feel free to call us for help.
Yep please help me too to know how to install it with Honeywell 128bptsia
Hi Jeff, It has been released, we just forgot to update this page. You can order that item at and we would help you with the installation once it arrives. Let us know if you have any questions.
Will this be updated soon? I'm looking at adding this as well to my VISTA 15P system so I can drop my land line.

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