Honeywell VISTA-128BPT vs VISTA-20P

The Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and VISTA-20P can both be used as commercial Honeywell alarm control panels but there are major differences between the two systems. Typically the VISTA-20P is suitable for most small to medium sized commercial applications while the VISTA-128BPT is better for large businesses that require integration with access control and video surveillance. If your business doesn't need access control or video surveillance integrated with the security system, a Honeywell VISTA-20P may even be suitable for larger commercial properties as it is still very robust.

For the majority of alarm installations, the most important factor when deciding between the VISTA-128BPT and the VISTA-20P is the number of available zones. While the VISTA-20P can support up to (48) zones, the VISTA-128BPT can actually support up to a total of (128) zones. With the VISTA-20P, if you want to use the maximum number of zones you will need to add zone expansion modules or a wireless receiver as there is a limited number of zones straight out of the box. The VISTA-20P has (8) hardwired zones standard and the VISTA-128BPT has (9) hardwired zones standard. By adding hardwired zone expansion modules such as the Honeywell 4219, you can increase the zone capability of the VISTA-20P with an additional (40) hardwired zones. You can also use a wireless receiver to unlock up to (40) wireless zones with a VISTA-20P. Make sure not to exceed (40) expansion zones with any combination of hardwired and wireless zone expansion.

With the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT, you can also add a Honeywell wireless receiver to unlock wireless zone capability. The VISTA-128BPT supports a total of (127) wireless zones. While the VISTA-20P only supports (1) wireless receiver, the VISTA-128BPT supports up to (2) wireless receivers so that you can extend your wireless range to a larger area to meet the needs of larger buildings. If you want to use additional hardwired zones with the VISTA-128BPT, you can use up to (119) V-Plex devices. V-Plex is a patented Honeywell technology that allows you to use (2) conductor alarm wire to connect hardwired sensors that would normally require (4) conductor alarm wire such as glass break detectors and motion detectors.

Another big difference between the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the VISTA-20P alarm control panels is that the VISTA-20P supports up to (8) standard keypads and (4) graphic touchscreen keypads while the VISTA-128BPT supports up to (31) standard keypads and up to (6) graphic touchscreen keypads.

The VISTA-20P can be set up with (2) different partitions and the VISTA-128BPT supports up to (8) different partitions. You can program up to (48) different users to arm and disarm your various partitions with the VISTA-20P while you can program up to (150) users with the VISTA-128BPT.

The VISTA-20P has a maximum auxiliary power output of 600mA while the VISTA-128BPT has a maximum of 750mA. Finally, the VISTA-20P supports up to (16) relay outputs while the VISTA-128BPT supports up to (96) outputs.

With these differences spelled out, you should be able to choose the correct Honeywell commercial alarm control panel for your alarm installation but please call us at 888-818-7728 if you have an additional questions about the difference between the Honeywell VISTA-128BPT and the Honeywell VISTA-20P.

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The VISTA-128BPT is the newest version of the 128 Series VISTA panels. The VISTA-128BPTSIA is the same system with certain programming parameters setup for false alarm reduction. The transformer needed for this system is rated at 16.5VAC, 40VA (
Find something. Maybe part of it can solve the problem AD25624 12 to 24 VDC power supply XF30 Transformer for 12 or 24 VDC operation 1451-24 Transformer in red cabinet for fire applications
We choose the Vista system. What's the latest version of Vista panel : B, BP-BPE or BPT-BPTSIA ? Is it BPT? And all Vista panel (BPT and FB, FBP, FBPT) support 24V or not? Need to buy optional something or not? Is it internal solution or external?

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