How do I Add a 5822 Tilt Sensor to My Lyric Gateway?

The Lyric Gateway is a unique panel for DIYers. It has no programming interface on the panel itself, and can only be programmed by an alarm dealer through Honeywell’s AlarmNet 360 interface. This means, for the first time, a Honeywell panel requires that you activate it for monitoring before you can program. It also means, the homeowner can’t do zone programming themselves. Adding insult to injury, at least for the DIY crowd, when using SiX Series encrypted wireless devices these devices still have to be paired with the system, but the pairing process has to be initiated from the AlarmNet 360 website, and once this process is underway, the device has to be faulted at the site, meaning at the Lyric Gateway, in order to complete the pairing process. Fortunately, the 5822T is not a SiX Series device, so it’s a little simpler. As an end user, the process for adding a 5822T to the Lyric Gateway is as follows:

  1. Mount the 5822T as per the Installation Instructions. Generally speaking, in about the horizontal center of the overhead door. You can mount vertically on the side closest to the Lyric Gateway
  2. Make a note of the serial number for the 5822T
  3. Provide the serial number, as well as the model number of the 5822T to the alarm dealer who will be programming. This should ensure they program the correct loop number
  4. Provide any other pertinent information, such as the descriptor you’d like to use.
  5. Once the programming has been completed, test the 5822T for proper operation.

It should be noted, the Lyric Gateway supports use of the Linear GD00Z Z-Wave Garage door controller. This device comes with its own Tilt Sensor, which tells the Z-Wave device the state of the door, but not the alarm system. The only reason to add the 5822T, if using one of these Z-Wave devices, is if you also want to monitor the garage door for burglary alarm purposes. If you only require door control, the 5822T is not required. For this reason, the 5822T can be programmed on any available wireless zone on the Lyric Gateway.

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