How do I add a 5834-4 key fob to my Honeywell L5200?

First, program the Honeywell 5834-4 key fob into the Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200. Start by entering panel programming and selecting the keys icon by doing the following: Security > More (bottom right) > Tools > Enter Installer Code > Program > Keys. Click 'Add New' at the bottom. The 'Key type' is ‘'4 Button' by default, and this is what we will use.

Pressing the ‘'User' option will display available user codes. Even codes that have not been enabled yet will be shown, so be sure to select a valid user that has already been assigned a working code. When the 5834-4 is tied to a user, that user is associated to all the fob’s arming/disarming activity, and logs as such. If the fob is not tied to a valid user code, none of the security features of the fob will work. The only thing that would work without a valid code, is a panic.

Next, auto enroll the serial number. Click the 'Serial Number' field. You should see a number pad pop up. Make sure that the battery is installed in the key fob and the tab that separates the battery from its contact is removed. Press and hold the locked padlock (arm away) button for 3 full seconds. You should see a Red LED flash on the key fob and hear a single beep on the L5200. Press and hold again and you should hear two beeps. The serial number, and loop number 3, should appear to the left of the number pad on the L5200 display. Press and hold the same button a third and final time. You’ll hear 3 beeps, and the information will be locked in. The display will return to the key fob programming screen.

The 'Zone' field will show the next available key zone. If this is the first key fob it should show 140. If unable to auto enroll, then you can manually enter the serial number using the number pad provided, and confirm proper loop. However the inability to auto enroll generally means the key fob is not properly powered so make sure to test.

The Button Keys and associated commands will fill in properly based on the auto enrollment. Please see the proper matches below.

Button Key 1 - Arm Away (closed padlock - top left)

Button Key 2 - Disarm (open padlock - top right)

Button Key 3 - Arm Stay (person inside house - bottom left)

Button Key 4 - No Response - Panic (red asterisk - bottom right)

The panic button is set to no response by default. If you would like to enable a silent panic then press the programming option for Button Key 4 and select '24 Hours Silent.' If you would like to have a panic that triggers a loud alarm to scare away any potential intruders, then select '24 Hour Audible.' Although an audible panic can be used locally to scare someone, panic buttons are best used when being monitored by a central station which is capable of dispatching the local authorities. Check out our no contract monitoring plans:

Please be sure to save your programming before exiting, and always test the key fob to ensure that it can arm/disarm the L5200 alarm system. Keep in mind that you need to PRESS AND HOLD the button until you see the Red LED at the top light in order to send any commands from the key fob.

Also when the key fob successfully arms and disarms the panel it will trigger a very loud siren sound to confirm that the arm/disarm command has been received by the panel. The beep is loud enough to be heard outside in case you plan to arm/disarm from there. Cover your ears if you are close to the panel while testing! You can disable this loud siren beep by turning off the "arm confirm" selection under "Sounder" programming. Check out our FAQ for more information.

Great video for programming the 5834-4 to the L5100 LYNX Touch (predecessor to the L5200). Programming is very similar.

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Yes, you can. As long as they (they alarm systems) are not in too close proximity to one another.
Sterling. can I use the same 5834-4 on two different alarm systems so I only have to carry one remote?
You can program a Scene to run off a Rule set for a Zone Type Fault and as each key fob button is set to a zone, you would just have to set your Rule to initiate from the zone for the button on the fob you want to use to start the Scene.
Is there anyway to assign a scene, (build in the zwave part) to a button? Say you have 5 zwave switches, set to turn on when the scene "Lights on" is run. the type you make for a Rule to take over, say when the door is opened and system is armed.
Do you have the third fob mapped to a user close slot that has a valid user code assigned? If so, did you setup high security mode -
Hi Sterling, How to add the third key fob? I follow your video for the first two fobs which was very easy. Now i am pulling my hair off for the third one. Any advice?
Glad to hear it! Let us know if you are interested in our no-contract monitoring plans online at
Thanks Sterling, once again your the man.. Working like a champ now.
Try this FAQ -
They now ship the 5834-4 in high security mode, so there's an extra step involved in getting it to work. Check out this FAQ.
I did an auto enroll with this fob and it knows the serial number, but it does not activate the L7000 no matter what I try. I assigned it to the master user. Led stays red when transmitting.

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