How Do I Add a Lyric HD Camera to Total Connect 2.0?

You can add a Lyric HD Camera to Total Connect 2.0 by using the Total Connect 2.0 Mobile App on an Android or iOS device. By following the appropriate steps, you can have the Android or iOS device display a QR code for the camera to scan so that the camera will pair with your TC2 account.

The steps below will apply to the Honeywell Lyric C1, Honeywell Lyric OC1 and Honeywell Lyric C2 Cameras. Please note these cameras are also known as the IPCAM-WIC1, the IPCAM-WOC1 and the IPCAM-WIC2 respectively. Complete the following steps to add a Lyric HD Camera to Total Connect 2.0:

1. Prepare the phone. A Lyric HD Camera is paired with Total Connect 2.0 through the TC2 Mobile App on an Android or iOS device. Make sure that the phone is connected to the WIFI network that you want to use with the Lyric HD Camera. Also make sure that Bluetooth is enabled for the phone. But make sure that no Bluetooth devices are currently connected. Continue to the next step once the phone is ready.

2. Open Total Connect 2.0. Open the Total Connect 2.0 App, and login to the Total Connect 2.0 account that you want to use with the camera. If you don't have the Total Connect 2.0 App, it is available for free download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

3. Access "Add Camera" option. Choose the "Cameras" option. Then choose "Add Camera". You will be taken to a menu where you can start adding the camera.

4. Configure the camera. Next, you will choose the specific type of Lyric HD Camera that you are adding. There are options for IPCAM-WIC1, IPCAM-WIC2 and IPCAM-WOC1. If you aren't sure of the name of your camera, the pictures on the left should be able to help you. After that, you will provide a name for the camera. Make sure to follow the guidelines below when choosing a name. Press "Next" after entering the name.

5. Pair the camera. Plug the camera into the wall outlet using its included transformer. The LED light on the camera will begin to flash different colors. Wait for the LED to only blink blue. This may take a few minutes to complete. Press the next button on the phone screen when this happens. The phone will then begin to communicate with the camera. You will then be able to generate a QR code to pair the camera with your Total Connect 2.0. Press the "Generate QR Code" button. Once the QR code appears on your phone, hold its screen about 3 to 5 inches. The Camera will beep when the pairing is successful. You will then need to connect the camera to the local WIFI network. This will require you to provide the WIFI password. The camera will then finish registering with Total Connect 2.0. Its LED light will be solid green when the process is complete. You will then be able to view the camera from Total Connect 2.0.

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Hi, in order to add the camera on TC2.0 you would need to be on a plan that supports video surveillance. Is your system currently monitored?
I have the C2 and was not able to install it with my TC 2.0 app. I don't have the options at the top of my screen (above the alarm panel status). I was able to install it with the older Honeywell Home app, but I want it integrated with my TC2.0 account.
Yes, all of the WIC2 can be added to TC2.0. You'll be able to use these cameras out of the box with their free app that provides 24 hour cloud recording, or add them to a TC2.0 account where you can use 30 day cloud recording. That's correct, the Skybell will occupy one of the 8 available camera slots for your account reducing the total amount of new cameras you can add to 7.
Are the ipcam wic 2 cameras the same across the board? The ones on amazon for example dont mention anything about compatability with total connect 2.0 just lyric home app or something. Also does monitoring provider have to unlock ability to add cameras? My total connect app says I can add up to 8 cameras or something but wont allow me to add any more cameras. It says I have to delete my skybell to add one.

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