How Do I Add a Z-Wave Device to a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS?

You can add a Z-Wave device to a Honeywell Home PROA7PLUS by accessing the Z-Wave Management Menu using the system's Installer or Master Code, excluding the device from the network, and then pairing it with the network. Once finished, check the Enrolled Devices Menu to see the added device.

The PROA7PLUS System has a built-in Z-Wave Plus controller from its integrated Honeywell Home PROWIFIZW Module. For best results with your Z-Wave network, it is recommended that you use exclusively Z-Wave Plus (500 Series) devices if possible. Check for the Z-Wave Plus logo on automation devices to determine if they are certified as such by the Z-Wave Alliance. Paired Z-Wave devices can be controlled locally at the PROA7PLUS Panel and remotely from the Total Connect 2.0 platform if the PROA7PLUS System is monitored with access to the service.

Complete the following steps to add a Z-Wave device to your PROA7PLUS System:

1. Access Z-Wave Management. Start from the main screen of the PROA7PLUS System. Click the three (3) horizontal bars at the bottom of the screen. Choose Devices. Then choose Z-Wave Management. Then provide the Installer or Master Code for the system. The Installer Code is 4112 by default, and it is advised that it not be changed. Keeping this code at its default will prevent you from being locked out of programming later. The default Master Code is 1234, and it is strongly recommended that it be changed. After entering the proper code, you will enter the Z-Wave Management Menu.

2. Exclude the device. When adding a new Z-Wave device, it is advised that you clear it from the network first to wipe out any residual network data. Even if the device is brand-new and fresh out of the box, it's still possible that some residual network data may remain inside the device from factory testing. It is possible to clear a device even if it is not actively paired with a network or paired with a different automation controller, so completing this step is usually best practice.

Please note that there are occasionally some very smart Z-Wave devices that will actively tell you whether or not they are currently enrolled with a Z-Wave network. If the device itself tells you this, then it may be acceptable to skip this step. Otherwise, it's almost always a good idea just to perform a device exclusion.

To exclude the device, choose Exclusion Mode on the PROA7PLUS. Then activate the exclusion function on the Z-Wave device itself. Many Z-Wave devices will use the same process for exclusion that they use for inclusion. There may be a designated button on the Z-Wave device, or you may need to enter a specific code on it. Refer to the device's manual for more information. A confirmation message should appear on the PROA7PLUS screen once a device has been excluded. Press the Done button to continue.

3. Include the device. Once you are sure that all residual network data has been cleared from the device, you can then include the device with the Z-Wave network. Choose Inclusion Mode on the PROA7PLUS. Then activate the inclusion function on the Z-Wave device when prompted by the panel. This may be the same action that you performed when excluding the device in Step 2. Again, refer to the manual for the Z-Wave device to determine the proper method for inclusion.

If the device is an S2 security device, then you may be asked to enter a confirmation PIN that can be found on a sticker on the device itself or on its product packaging. If necessary, enter the PIN, and then press the blue Save button in the bottom-right corner. You should get a notification that the device was added to the network. Press the Done button when finished.

4. Check Enrolled Devices. You should now confirm that the device was added by choosing the Enrolled Devices option. You should see the newly added device listed among all the other programmed Z-Wave devices. Once you have confirmed that the device has been successfully added, you can repeatedly press the return arrow in the upper-left corner to return to the main system screen. Alternatively, you can press the System Status button in the lower right corner to be returned to the Security screen.

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