How Do I Add User Codes To A VISTA 20P, 21iP, 15P, 10P?

The procedure to add user codes to a Vista 20P, 21iP, 15P and 10P is the same, the difference is the number of user codes each control panel supports.

A master user code is the only code that can create secondary user codes.

Honeywell's factory default master code, which is user 02 on every panel mentioned above, is 1234. The master code can be changed by using the current master code or the installer code (Honeywell's factory default installer code is 4112). To change the master user code enter the existing 4 digit master code, followed by the numbers 8 0 2 plus the new 4 digit master code twice, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [02] + [4321] + [4321]. When you've successfully changed the user code, you will hear a short confirmation beep, letting you know the code has been updated. To use the Installer Code to change the Master Code, once you're outside programming, enter Installer Code+8+02+New 4 digit code, i.e., [4112] + [8] + [02] + [4321]. You will hear a brief confirmation beep once the code is changed.

In addition to the 4 digit user code, a user is assigned a 2 digit user number. The master code user number is 02, the installer code is user 01. Remembering the 2 digit user number is very important if you need to delete a user code.

To delete a secondary code, do the following: [Master Code] + [8] + [User Number] + [#] + [0]. You will receive a short confirmation beep letting you know the code has been deleted.

To add a secondary user code, enter the 4 digit master code followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number (any number from 03 or higher) plus the 4 digit user code, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [03] + [5678]. The system will beep to confirm the user was added.

Each user code can be assigned an authority level. The authority level defines which system functions the user can or cannot do. The master code does not have an authority level. The available levels are as follows:

Level 0 = standard level, users can arm and disarm the system and bypass zones.

Level 1 = arm only - can arm the system but cannot disarm the system.

Level 2 = guest - can arm the system but can only disarm if the system was armed using this code.

Level 3 = duress code - when used the system will disarm normally but will send a silent signal to the central monitoring station informing them of a hostile situation and authorities will be contacted immediately,

Level 4 = Partition Master (Vista 20P, Vista 21iP only). A Partition Master has the same permissions as the System Master, but for their respective partition only. A Partition Master can change itself and any secondary code in its partition, but can not be used to change the System Master (User 02).

When creating a security code, you need to choose a 2 digit user number, a 4 digit user code, assign an authority level to that user, and determine any other attributes that should be assigned to it, such as assigning a keyfob to it.

To assign the authority level attribute - We will show assigning user 03 as a Guest Code (Authority Level 2.) Enter master code followed by the number 8, plus the 2 digit user number, the # sign plus 1 (attribute), plus the authority level, i.e., [1234] + [8] + [03] + [#] + [1] + [2]. You will get a short confirmation beep, letting you know the command has been successfully executed.

User numbers 03 and higher on the Vista 15P, and Vista 10P, and users 04 through 32, and 34 through 49 on the Vista 20P, and the Vista 21iP will automatically be assigned authority Level 0 = standard user, when created. See below for a list of all attributes that can be assigned to user codes.

The Vista 20P and 21iP support a total of 49 user codes.

The Vista 15P supports a total of 33 user codes.

The Vista 10P supports a total of 17 users codes.

The total number of user codes includes the master and installer codes.

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An end user can only see the user codes on the system with Total Connect 2.0. If you are unsure what code is programmed to a user slot, you'll need to delete that user code and re-add it to be what you would like it to be.
I understand how to add or delete user codes. My problem is this: Ademco Vista 20p panel. Gave someone a user code, now I want to delete it. But I can’t remember what "user number" I assigned to them. For example: 04, 05..ect. Anyone have a solution? Any way to list assigned user numbers?
Thanks Bryce, can anything be done to override this or am I looking at a whole new system?
It could be the fact that it is an ADT system and they probably have done a programming lockout preventing you from making changes to the system.
I have a Vista-10P from ADT, with WA10P-1.6 from 2005 PROM, with a 6160 Keypad, and no matter what I try, I'm unable to change the default ADT installer code. I'm able to get into programming, I enter the new code, but it never accepts it and just gives me a long beep each time. I was only able to change the Master code, but I also cannot program any user codes, I try various #s (04,05,06,07 etc) and none of them accept or make any sound after I enter in the new code. Could there be some type of system lockout because this is an ADT system that is preventing me from changing the installer code and adding additional users?
Ah yes, that means you switched it to a Partition 2 keypad and you must have had a cancelled alarm that had to be cleared on P2.
I figured it out, I accidentally changed the code for *189 and *190 from 2's to 1's...I imputed the correct numbers and that took care of the issue.
not sure if this helps but here are the few pages from the install guy with what he wrote in the manual ... page 45 - 46
Here is what I see ....
Try pressing Setup icon (Wrench and screw driver) and then Disp & Audio Setup icon and then your installer code and check if the EN50131 mode is enabled or disabled. If it's enabled, disable it and test again.
forgot the WA Prom .... it is WA20P - 9.18
I agree I should see something like this when after an alarm was triggered, however, this comes up without an alarm having been triggered and only setting the "away" button, and then returning to disarm the alarm. Before I changed the codes, I think I messed up the original programing by going into the console mode on the 6280 and then entering the (installer code) +(800), followed by (*) + (189) (1111) to enable any touchscreen keypads and ended it with (*)99 which programed all the keypads I guess and set something back to default maybe? Whatever I did, it now comes up for the master code as well so I must have changed the global setting for the "away" mode.
What is the 'WA' PROM number on your VISTA control panel? No matter what code you use when disarming after an alarm was triggered, you will see the Alarm Canceled message and need to disarm a second time to clear the "latched alarm" message. This is by design so that if you come home when the siren is going off and you disarm, you don't have to wonder which alarm had been activated. Also, if you disarm without an alarm having been triggered, no matter what code you use, you should not be seeing this message. Can you test another arm/disarm with user 3, without letting an alarm activation occur to see if you get this message?
Hi, I had three codes, the installer code, the master code, and one other that was set to user 03. I have deleted 03 code and created a new 03 code. Now, every time that I use the 03 code to disarm the system, a annoying "control panel message" screen pops up after the alarm turns off and the only way to remove the message is to input the code again and I would like to have this option/ screen pop up turned off. The master code doesn't have this screen pop after I input the disarm code, nor did the code that I deleted. Can anyone help solve this problem? I use the 6280 touch screens to program the Vista system. Please help!!

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