How do I add Z-Wave Compatibility to a Honeywell L5200?

Adding Z-Wave capabilities to the L5200 is very simple. All it takes is the addition of the L5100-ZWAVE module. Open up the Honeywell l5200 and detach anything that might be supplying it with power - the batteries and the LT-Cable or wire if you is that instead. As you are facing it, add the circuit board to the edge connector on the left side of the system.

Once you have slid the Z-Wave connector into the slot on the left side, re-attach power, close it up, and let the system power on. Once it has fully re-booted, the system will have the capability to control a network of Z-Wave devices.

This installation will allow you to take local, granular control of Z-Wave devices. In order to control it using the Total Connect, app, however, you will need to email us to have us add remote home automation to your account.

The video below gives a great demonstration of how to add the L5100-ZWAVE to the unit itself.

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