How Do I Arm & Disarm Using the Honeywell Home Tuxedo?

You can arm and disarm using the Honeywell Home Tuxedo by choosing Security, followed by the desired arming or disarming option. You must enter a valid code if Quick Arm is disabled in system programming field [*21]. We recommend using the Master Code or a valid user code to arm and disarm.

The Resideo Tuxedo is a touchscreen keypad that is used with a Honeywell VISTA Security System. Arming and disarming are two of the most basic functions you will perform on the system. Using a touchscreen keypad like the Resideo Tuxedo can help some users feel more comfortable performing routine security functions.

There are three (3) main types of arming modes. Arm Away is used when there should be nobody left inside the building after arming. In this mode, Interior Zones are active, so nobody can move around inside the building freely. But if you want to arm the system while somebody remains inside the building, then you should choose Arm Stay. The Arm Stay mode will have the system automatically bypass Interior Zones so that people are free to move around inside. This usually includes any interior motion sensors and interior doors.

There is also a special type of stay mode called Arm Night. This arming option is not supported on all VISTA systems. In Arm Night, designated Interior Zones are not bypassed like they are in Arm Stay, and they will trigger an alarm if faulted. For more on Arm Stay vs Arm Night, please see this FAQ. Keep in mind that Perimeter and Entry/Exit Zones are active in all arming modes. If a Perimeter Zone is triggered while the system is armed, then an immediate alarm will occur.

When you want to take the system out of an armed state, you should select Disarm. You will be required to provide a valid code to verify authorization. If you fault an Entry/Exit Zone while the system is armed, then you must disarm before the Entry Delay period expires. That is why it is very important for all system users to know a valid code, as it helps to prevent false alarms.

Complete the following steps to arm and disarm a VISTA System using a Resideo Tuxedo:

1. Access the Security Menu. From the main screen, select Security. This will take you into the Security Menu so that you can choose an arming type.

2. Arm the system. Choose either Arm Away, Arm Stay or Arm Night. Choose Arm Away if nobody will remain in the building. Choose Arm Stay if there will be people in the building, and you want to have all system Interior Zones automatically bypassed and ignored by the system. Choose Arm Night if there will be people in the building, but you want to have designated Arm Night Interior Zones remain active during the arming session. Night arming is not supported on the VISTA TURBO Panels. If you chose Arm Away, then you must exit the building before the Exit Delay period expires, or else you will risk causing an alarm.

If Quick Arm is Disabled in programming field [*21], then you must provide a valid system code to begin arming the system. As a reference, programming field [*21] offers binary options of [0] or [1] for Partition 1 or Partition 2. Quick Arm is Disabled with [0], and Enabled with [1]. The default option is [0] for Disabled. If Disabled, you will need to enter a code before the system begins arming . But if you have the option Enabled, then no code is required. Remember that you can have different Quick Arm selections for different system partitions.

3. Disarm the system. When you return later, remember to Disarm the system. The Tuxedo should help you to remember by prompting for a valid user code as soon as an Entry/Exit Zone is faulted. If the system was armed in the stay mode, and no Entry/Exit Zone is being faulted, then click Security > Disarm, and provide a valid code. Remember that you must do this within the Entry Delay period if you Armed Away. Failure to do so will cause an alarm on the system.

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