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Residential Touchscreen Keypad w/ Built-In Z-Wave Plus Controller for VISTA

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The Honeywell Home Tuxedo is a wired touchscreen keypad with built-in Z-Wave Plus controller for Honeywell VISTA Security Systems. Its sleek design and ease of use make it the perfect addition to any VISTA Panel. Get the most out of your system with a new Honeywell Home Tuxedo Touch Keypad!
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  • Z-Wave
  • Z-Wave Plus
  • WiFi
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The Honeywell Home Tuxedo is a state-of-the-art touchscreen keypad for Honeywell VISTA Alarm Systems. This sleek and modern keypad offers a convenient way to control your VISTA System, and it also functions as a Z-Wave Plus controller for building a complete smart home automation network.

This refreshed Honeywell Home Tuxedo Keypad actually represents the third generation in the Honeywell Tuxedo Touch lineup. There was the original Tuxedo Touch that first combined a touchscreen keypad with a Z-Wave controller. Then the second gen Tuxedo Touch WIFI introduced wireless network connectivity. Now the new Honeywell Home Tuxedo Touch brings it all home with a new crisp look and Z-Wave Plus connectivity. This is truly an outstanding keypad for anyone looking to make their VISTA System easier and more enjoyable to use. You can use this keypad for security functions, such as arming, disarming, and bypassing sensors, and it is also great for performing automation functions.

In terms of appearance, the Honeywell Home Tuxedo looks exactly like the Honeywell 6290W Touchscreen Keypad. The difference between the two is that the Tuxedo has its built-in Z-Wave Plus controller, while the 6290W is just a standalone keypad. The Z-Wave Plus controller is what allows you to build a network of smart home devices for local control at the keypad, as well as remote operation through Total Connect 2.0. Home automation will bring your residence or office into the future, and you will absolutely love all of the great features.

There are all sorts of smart home automation devices you can pair with the Tuxedo. Virtually any classic Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus device will integrate nicely. Z-Wave lights can make it appear like you're home while you're on vacation. A smart Z-Wave thermostat can save you money in the long run by cutting down on energy costs. And a Z-Wave door lock can really come in handy if you need to let a friend inside while you're away. All programmed Z-Wave devices can be controlled locally at the Tuxedo and remotely through Total Connect 2.0. You can also create smart scenes to have your Z-Wave devices activate automatically based on a set schedule or with predetermined system events.

Just like the second generation Tuxedo Touch WIFI, the new Tuxedo Keypad has a built-in WIFI card for communicating with Total Connect 2.0. This is also how the Tuxedo receives firmware updates from AlarmNet. The new Tuxedo Keypad can only connect to IP using WIFI. It cannot support a wired ethernet connection. Also be aware that the Tuxedo does not serve as an IP communicator for the VISTA System. The keypad does not provide any system status updates to AlarmNet or TC2. Its internet connection is only for relaying Z-Wave status and commands and receiving OTA firmware updates.

Beyond Z-Wave control, users will also appreciate the crisp and clean user interface (UI) for the keypad. The menus are simple to navigate, and the keypad looks beautiful when mounted on a wall. Many users prefer touchscreen keypads over traditional numeric keypads for day-to-day operation. A Tuxedo Keypad or a Honeywell 6290W can be especially helpful for users who are inexperienced or scared-off by a traditional keypad. With the Tuxedo, you will get colored menu options that are easy to understand, even if you are operating a security system for the first time. This is a great way to introduce a new user to the alarm system, who might otherwise be intimidated or confused.

Just like any other keypad for a VISTA Panel, the Honeywell Home Tuxedo uses a 4-wire connection. Two (2) of the wires are for power, and the other two are for data transmissions between the keypad and the panel. Make sure to power down your VISTA System before connecting the keypad. Wiring does not come included, so you must provide your own. We recommend using 18-4 wire or 22-4 wire for this job. Please note that the Tuxedo Keypad draws a maximum of 270mA of current from the panel. Make sure to consider this in your panel's power calculation, and consider adding an external power supply if you are approaching the maximum limit. Remember that the Tuxedo will use an AUI address on the VISTA.

The Tuxedo even offers camera support for displaying the live video feed for compatible security cameras right on its screen. Up to 32 IP cameras can be configured in this way. Supported cameras include the legacy Honeywell IP Cameras, as well as specific third party cameras on the same WIFI network as the Tuxedo. The Honeywell HD IP Cameras cannot be used for live-streaming on the Tuxedo. More information on the subject can be found in this document.

The third generation Tuxedo offers some great features that are sure to improve your alarm system experience. The keypad offers touchscreen control with a thin-film-transistor (TFT) display. It can display more than 16 million colors, and it has a screen resolution of 1240 x 640. The screen measures seven (7) inches diagonally. Its backlit display makes it easy to control the keypad at night. Chime and voice annunciation capabilities are built-in. Other features include Console Mode, panic buttons, a digital picture frame, training videos, and a weather forecast.

Note: This is the residential version of the Tuxedo with "Honeywell Home" branding on the front. You can find the commercial version with "Resideo" branding on the front here.

Please read this notice regarding potential compatibility issues with Schlage Z-Wave locks.


  • Product Type: Wired Touch Screen Keypad & Z-Wave Plus Controller
  • Compatibility: Honeywell VISTA Systems
  • Display Screen: 7" TFT LCD
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Backlit Display: Yes
  • Resolution: 1240 x 640
  • Colors: 16 Million
  • Chime: Yes
  • Voice Annunciation: Yes
  • Automation: Z-Wave Plus
  • Max Number Z-Wave Devices: 232
  • Network Connectivity: WIFI Only
  • Firmware Updates: OTA
  • Operating Current: 270mA Max
  • Dimensions: 7.913"W x 5.04"H x 0.827"D
  • Operating Temperature: 14°F to 131°F
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor Use Only
  • Additional Features: Live Camera Streaming, Console Mode, Panic Buttons, Digital Picture Frame Slideshow, Training Videos, Weather Forecast, LED Arming Status, Smart Scenes, Display Settings, Event Log, Safe Mode

Brand: Honeywell Resideo

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Hey Jon, At this time we have not received any new information from Resideo when they plan on adding the Secondary controller feature to the TuxedoW keypads.
I just updated to the latest TUXEDOW firmware with the download that you posted. Unfortunately the TUXEDOW still doesn't have the ability to be a secondary device. I have a production system with THREE TUX Wi-FI (older version). I"d like to update to replace them with the current model. But as they are secondary controllers to the primary Z-wave Tuxedo I can't use the newer model until it is able to be a secondary controller. Any updates on when a firmware update (promised years ago!) will be out to enable this capability? THanks! Jon D. (Who has a production system but experimenting with another unit on the side, which is why it's not connected to an alarm provider.)
I have two systems set up. One is my home system which is monitored. The other is a system that I have by my desk to experiment with before I put it into my home system. The TUXEDOW is on the latter - my experimental system. I found that you had posted V2.1.23.006 and was able to update the TUXEDOW. However, unfortunately, it doesn't appear to allow the TUXEDOW to be a secondary controller. Since I have 3 older Tuxedos in my network at home, I want to be able to install 3 TUXEDOWs and have them all in the same Zwave network. Is there a more recent update? If not, are they planning to allow multiple TUXEDOWs to be in the same Zwave network (which requires the ability of a TUXEDOW to be a SECONDARY versus just PRIMARY in the network.) Thoughts? THanks!
Hey Jon, If you are currently monitored by another company they should be able to get you the latest firmware for this keypad. If you are one of our customers please open a support ticket so we can assist you with that latest update.
I'm monitored by Guardian, however I have an experimental system set up that I've got one with firmware. Does permit primary and secondary controllers for Zwave? (That's the functionality that I need since my Vista controls things but it's also in the network with Alexa to give me voice control)
Is a software update FINALLY available for this?
Hey Jon D., We do know of a new Firmware file available version and would need to confirm which Version you are currently on. As this is not available to the general public, can we ask who you are monitored by? if you are currently monitored by another company you should be able to request the new firmware from them.
No new firmware yet....? (sigh I live in hope...)
Still no new software...?
Any new software yet....? (checking again)
Did they have any 'preview' of what the update hopes to do? i.e. secondary controller function, backup/restore etc.?
Why not a wireless receiver in the house (Honeywell 5881ENH) and a wireless keypad in the garage?Honeywell 5828V
No new software?
Hi Freddie, Honeywell support will not tell me ANYthing about when we can expect the updated firmware on this TUXEDOW. They promised to have it out by now. Are you able to find anything out directly from your corporate contacts at Honeywell? We need primary/secondary functionality yesterday... It's crazy we have these expensive devices installed at customer sites and they don't even work well at this time. Thank you!
I have a detached garage. In theory, when the firmware comes out to allow primary and secondary, would this allow me to use the keypad in the garage (wired back to main panel with 16/4) as an additional zwave access point? Or does the secondary join the primary via zwave? I need a way to span a long distance, i have wires run (16/4 and network) just dont know how to serve the garage with zwave and the primary home without having 2 main panels, and therefore 2 monthly subscriptions to ADC.
Thanks Freddie, this seems like a good way to modernize this panel.
Still no software....?
I am about to install a new system, would like to install keypads at my front door and master bedroom. If I get two of these (not sure which placement will be best for zwave devices), can I use zwave on just one of the keypads but not the other? Is this confusing to setup?
Unfortunately not yet.
Any update yet? I keep hoping to actually use my new Tux one day. Thanks! Jon D.
since it is not going to be your main controller it does not the new tux cannot do secondary controllers yet. if you want a touch screen the 6290 would be the way to go for right now
Than, does it even make sense to get the Tuxedo if I get a SEM communicator?
in order to use you would need to get an SEM Communicator the tux will only work with alarmnet the SEM does do Zwave
With Tuxedo and a 20p are you limited to alarmnet or can you use
Thanks! If you have 4 cameras displayed and there is a zone opened, etc, can you still see that from the camera screen while they are full screen with 4 cameras?
The TuxwifiW will support most Standard IP Cameras (MPEG4, H.264 or OnVIF format) Control P/T Features View 1 to 4 Cameras at a Time Recording setup or manual video recording. For best performance set video resolution to 320 x 240, 8 frames per sec Note: For non Honeywell cameras, they have to be UPNP (plug and play) and the discovery option has to be enabled. It uses RTSP port 554 by default and is HTTP capable. The manufacture has not released a step by step yet Here is a link for cameras that will work with the tux
The TuxwifiW will support most Standard IP Cameras (MPEG4, H.264 or OnVIF format) Control P/T Features View 1 to 4 Cameras at a Time Recording setup or manual video recording. For best performance set video resolution to 320 x 240, 8 frames per sec Note: For non Honeywell cameras, they have to be UPNP (plug and play) and the discovery option has to be enabled. It uses RTSP port 554 by default and is HTTP capable. The manufacture has not released a step by step yet Here is a link for cameras that will work with the tux
Is there any information about the integrated cameras? The manual has zero reference to the camera setup. I’d like to see a picture or video of the camera functionality. For example, can you continuously stream cameras or only once you press the camera button? If you are viewing cameras and there is a fault, will it still display?
Have they improved the voice over the current one? Also, If I decide to retire my current TUXWIFI model, can I add <u>two</u> of theses new models? Or do I need to still wait for the firmware update to install two?
Ethernet and the ability to have it be a secondary zwave controller is the only two removed features between the two. The secondary controller feature is supposed to be released at a later date in a firmware release.
Is there any reason NOT to "upgrade" to the New Tuxedo from the 2nd gen TuxedoWiFi, besides loosing the wired ethernet connection? Is there anything else that was dropped? Read more:
Can this tuxedo display a Honeywell WiFi thermostat on the screen or is that only on the TC app?
yes you can leave the vam as primary and use the new tux as standard keypads until secondary control support comes out
If I hook both up for now, can I leave the VAM as primary for total connect and worry about it later when the newer tuxedow supports secondary controllers? So long as TC2 won't get confused this is fine with me for the moment.
it is not possible to link two Primary Controllers with TC2 services as the service is incapable of hosting 2 primary controllers. The only way would be to build a network of Z-wave devices that can bridge the gap between the two buildings and make the other building with the Vam a secondary with an older tuxedo wifi. if you are using a New TuxedoW this will not be an option due to the limitations of the TuxedoW keypad.
Is it possible to have a VAM and Tuxedo home as separate "primary" controllers and have both work with TC2 ? I have an off-garage that would benefit from this "wired" scenario.
The Tuxedow can be used to control zwave light switches but the panel does not use it to talk to TC2. For that you would need an Alarmnet communicator like the LTE-XA.
I have a Vista 20P with no IP access. By adding the TUXEDOW touchscreen can I now connect and control my system remotely using tc2.0 as well as control zwave light switches all through the system?
Any news on the firmware update? (Mine TUXEDOW is sitting on the shelf here awaiting it.....!) <sigh>
What is the difference between the TUXEDOWC and TUXEDOW?
I have a main system with 3 TUXWIFI keypads. I'd like to start using TUXEDOW but not sure how the newer and older keypads would interoperate. I've been experimenting with a small stand-alone security system that I use to test. I have an older TUXWIFI and just purchased a new TUXEDOW. (I was going to wait but decided to save up a bit and spring for it...) 1.) It seems that there is no way make the TUXEDOW a secondary controller to the TUXWIFI. The setup-->zwave-->more--> has reset to default & replace failed. It does NOT have "learn mode" as the documentation states. 2.) I thought I'd try to make the TUXEDOW a primary and the TUXWIFI secondary; I reset everything to defaults. Switched the TUXWIFI to secondary. Clicked ADD on the TUXEDOW and then ADD on the TUXWIFI. The TUXWIFI added the TUXEDOW and 4 "repeaters" - and then it switched to be a PRIMARY. The TUXEDOW said that the TUXWIFI was an "inclusion controller". I tried to "Tuxedo Synch" on either one and it wouldn't work because each said that the other was not a primary controller So - it seems that TUXEDOW and TUXWIFI do not play well together - if at all! I was hoping to keep at least one of the TUXWIFIs in my real system with 3 TUXWIFIs because it supported 30 scenes. However this now begs the question - how does one get two TUXEDOW units to be primary/secondary controllers if there is no "learn" function. (Am I down-rev firmware on the TUXEDOW - which is at TUXEDOW_02.01.023.0003?) I saw no updates to firmware out there. This would seem to be bad for folks who may have older TUXWIFIs and not want to spend $$ all at once to upgrade their entire systems. Any thoughts? Or am I really being stupid here? (Always a possibility!) Thanks! Jon D.
* Based on a 10% APR with 12 months financing. APR's will vary between 10% - 30% based on credit score and various factors.