How do I batch enroll an LKP500 to the Lyric?

The SIX Series, LKP500 wireless, encrypted keypad, for use with the Lyric Controller is now available. Up to 8 of these keypads can be used with each Lyric system, and each one uses a zone, starting with zone 850, for supervision. The LKP500 is supervised for check in, and for tamper. It sends a check in signal to the Lyric every 60 seconds, and the Lyric will indicate trouble for the keypad if it fails to hear from it for 200 seconds. The tamper switch is tripped if the keypad is removed from the back plate. It also has a breakaway, which can be screwed into a wall stud, so, if someone manages to pull the keypad from the wall with the back plate still intact, the breakaway would, well, break away, and activate the tamper.

Because of these supervision options, it’s possible for the LKP500’s zone to display a trouble. If you enroll the keypad into the panel via zone programming/RF Keypad, any trouble displayed for the keypad must be cleared before the keypad can be used to arm the system. If you use Batch Enrollment, a keypad trouble can be bypassed, allowing the system to be armed. To batch enroll, do the following:

  1. Make sure the LKP500 is powered down. You can plug in the battery pack, connect the power wires, and attach the backplate, but don’t yet plug in the transformer. Note: If the LKP500 is already powered up, you can press any button on the keypad, once the batch enrollment mode has started, to pair it with the Lyric.
  2. Enter programming: Security > Tools > Installer Code [4112] > Program > Zones
  3. In the zones screen, to the lower right, you’ll see RF6 Batch, then Start. Press [Start]
  4. Plug in the LKP500. When it powers up, it will enter enrollment mode and pair with the Lyric. When it has successfully paired, you’ll hear it sound 3 beeps.
  5. If you are done enrolling SIX Series devices, press [Stop] on the Lyric screen.
  6. You’ll now see your LKP500 showing in the next available RF Keypad zone (850 - 857).
  7. You can now go to the keypad zone, choose [Edit], and change the descriptor for the keypad zone to designate its location, such as Front Door, Master Bedroom, etc.

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