How Do I Change Out The PROM Chip On My VISTA 20P?

To replace the prom chip, power down the Vista 20P control panel completely by removing the battery, then remove the transformer from the outlet. To avoid damage from static build up, briefly touch a chassis ground point in the control panel cabinet to discharge any possible static buildup.

Carefully remove the existing prom chip using a paperclip or pin. Insert an end of the paper clip or pin in either the upper right or lower left socket carefully prying the chip up.

Replace the new Vista 20P prom chip with the beveled edge facing down towards socket arrow and the angled corner to the bottom right. Line up the pins and press straight down until the prom chip is seated firmly.

Repower the Vista 20P control panel by first plugging in the transformer to the outlet, then reconnect the battery to the Vista 20P control panel battery's terminals. After the system is powered up, the time and date will need to be reset and test the system to make sure it is communicating properly.

If the Vista 20P control panel was communicating via a gsm cell communicator, the gsm will also need to be upgraded.

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