How Do I Change The Installer Code On A 2Gig GoControl?

To change the installer code on a 2Gig GoControl alarm panel, enter the install toolbox by pressing the logo on the bottom right corner of the home screen. Enter the existing installer code (default installer code is 1561). Press system configuration. The control panel displays questions for each programming step. Press the Go To button and enter 43 (this will advance to Q43). At Q43 enter the new 4 digit installer code. The code must be different from any existing user code. Select end and exit to save changes.

The installer toolbox enables access to program the 2Gig GoControl alarm panel. A valid installer code must be used before access to the installer toolbox is allowed. The installer code does not disarm the system.

The installer toolbox screen displays system setup and testing buttons. Main programming is accessed through system configuration. The installer test and walk test buttons support system tests and used to reset the control panel to it's programming default settings.

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