How Do I Change the Installer Code on a Lyric Gateway?

Only the company monitoring the Lyric Gateway is able to change the installer code.

The Lyric Gateway is the latest wireless all in one panel in the Lyric line. The system has soft touch keys, function keys to annunciate system status, panic keys and an LED that indicates which state the panel is in (Armed Away, Armed Stay, Disarmed).

The Gateway is unique in that there is no integrated digital display. There is a free, downloadable app called MyHome Gateway on the iOS and Play store. The MyHome Gateway app has a clean, bright, intuitive user interface and is nearly the same user interface seen on the Lyric Controller. On the app’s startup, there will be step by step instructions displayed on how to pair the device with the Gateway. For more information on that, click here.

Through the app, a user can change and edit all user codes except for the installer code. The only way to edit the Installer Code is to access system programming on the Gateway with AlarmNet360. A user will not have access to this service and will need to contact their monitoring provider to change the installer code. A user will also need to contact their monitoring company whenever they want to add new security sensors, change system settings such as timers and update communication options.

The Lyric Gateway has a built in WIFI communicator and integrated Ethernet jack. The top of the system opens to reveal expansion bays where an AT&T or Verizon cellular communicator can be installed. The cellular communicator that corresponds to the provider with the strongest signal in the installation location should be used, as features and system operation are the same with either module. The Gateway can use any of the three communication paths by themselves or combine Cellular and either WIFI or Ethernet. This is called a dual path setup and allows the Gateway to switch to an active communication path if the primary one fails. In a dual path configuration, Ethernet or WIFI is always primary, with cellular as a backup.

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