How Do I Check TC2 Server Connections for a Honeywell Home Tuxedo?

You can check TC2 server connections for a Honeywell Home Tuxedo by confirming network connectivity for the device, performing a successful IP sync, verifying connectivity with the AlarmNet servers, and making sure that the "Primary RIS Device" option is disabled on the Tuxedo Keypad.

The Tuxedo uses WIFI connectivity to communicate with Total Connect 2.0. This allows for remote automation control. Proper network connectivity is required for remote automation commands sent from Total Connect 2.0 to go through successfully. There is a sequence of commands you can perform to ensure that the Tuxedo Keypad is communicating with Total Connect 2.0 properly.

Complete the following steps to check TC2 sever connections for a Honeywell Home Tuxedo:

1. Confirm network connectivity. Start by making sure that the Tuxedo is connected with a network. From the main screen, click the Settings icon (the gear) at the bottom. Then choose System Info. Network information should be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen to indicate that the Tuxedo is connected with a network. You should see information for Host Name, MAC Address, CRC, IP Address, Broadcast Address, and NetMask. If you need to connect the Tuxedo to a WIFI network, please refer to this FAQ for more information.

2. Perform IP server sync. From the current screen, click the "Sync IP to Server" button. The keypad will then perform a test to determine if it can successfully communicate with an outside network. After a brief moment, you should get a message stating that the System IP Sync to the Server is Successful. If you do not get a successful test, then check the network settings for your local network, and try again.

3. Confirm TC2 network connectivity. Press the return arrow in the upper-left corner. Then choose System Setup, followed by CS Setup. Enter the Installer Code for the system (default 4112 for VISTA-15P, VISTA-20P, VISTA-21iP panels, 4140 for VISTA TURBO panels). Choose TC Server Info. Then press the socket icon in the lower-right corner (third button from right to left). The Tuxedo will check its connections with three (3) different TC2 servers. You should get a "Passed" message for each server, as well as indication that the Diagnostics Test is complete. Also note how Z-Wave Status is "Enabled". If you find that Z-Wave Status is Disabled, then click on TC in the bottom-right corner, and ensure that all automation devices are enabled in TC2.

4. Disable Primary RIS Device. You should also make sure that the Tuxedo is not set as the primary RIS device. The term "RIS device" stands for "Remote Interactive Service Device". Since the Tuxedo is not an AlarmNet Communicator, it should not be set as the primary RIS device when being used with TC2. From the Total Connect Server Setup Menu, click the return arrow in the upper-left. Then choose ECP Address. Make sure the box next to Primary RIS Device is not checked.

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