How Do I Check the Firmware Version on My 2GIG GC3?

You can check the Firmware Version on your 2GIG GC3 by selecting the "System Info And Usage" button at the bottom of the home screen of the panel. Then select the "System Info" button. The Firmware Version that is installed on your security system will be displayed in the provided list.

Firmware updates are used to provide new features for the GC3 system and to make the system compatible with a larger number of add-on devices. In order to use certain features with your GC3 system, such as WIFI connectivity, a minimum Firmware Version is required. If the Firmware Version installed on your GC3 system does not meet your minimum needs, then you can easily perform a Firmware Upgrade.

Complete the following steps to perform a Firmware Upgrade on your 2GIG GC3 security system:

1. Download the Firmware Update file. Save the GC3 Firmware Update file to your computer. The file can be found on the Alarm Grid GC3 Firmware Update Page.

2. Transfer the file. Move the file to a USB flash drive that can be inserted into the GC3 system. Be sure you don't change the name of the update file, and that you save it to the Root Directory of the USB drive.

3. Insert the USB. Plug the USB flash drive into the port on the top of the GC3 panel. There may be a rubber cap covering the USB port. Remove the rubber cap before attempting to insert the USB flash drive. Don't lose the rubber cap!

The picture below shows the USB port on a GC3 panel:

4. Install the Update. With the USB flash drive inserted into the GC3 panel and the panel on its home screen, go to System Settings > enter the Installer Code or the Master Code (the default Installer Code is 1561, and the default Master Code is 1111) > Firmware Update.

The Firmware Update file you downloaded earlier should be displayed on the screen. Click on the file to highlight it, and then select the green "Update Firmware" button. The Firmware Update should begin installing, and the system will restart once the process is complete.

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