How Do I Clear a Check 900 Cover Tamper On a Honeywell Lyric Controller?

You can clear a Check 900 Cover Tamper on a Honeywell Lyric Controller by making sure that the panel's back cover is properly attached and then arming and disarming the system to clear the trouble. If the back cover is properly applied, then the trouble should clear after you disarm.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

The Lyric Security System has a back cover that is normally only removed if you need to access the system board, power supply, or backup battery. The system wants you to know if someone removes the back cover, as it could mean that someone was trying to disable the system. As a result, the Lyric will display a Check 900 Cover Tamper trouble condition if the back cover is loosened or removed. You may also get this message if the panel is not seated properly on the backplate. This can happen if the screws for the backplate are tightened too much, causing the backplate plastic to warp.

But the Check 900 condition on the Lyric won't go away just by reapplying the back cover. The system wants to make sure that you are aware that the back cover was removed. For that reason, the system will require you to arm and disarm to acknowledge the trouble. If the back cover has been properly applied, then the Check 900 condition should clear after you disarm.

If you want to avoid getting another Check 900 trouble condition, then you should make sure that the panel's back cover remains properly in place. The panel has a set screw at the bottom to prevent the back cover from being removed. You can see the location of the set screw in the picture below. Note that we have removed the set screw in our example.

Complete the following steps to clear a Check 900 Cover Tamper on a Honeywell Lyric Alarm System:

1. Silence the Trouble. Press the Home button to silence the trouble sound. This makes the Lyric Panel aware that you know there is an issue.

2. Apply the back cover. Put the back cover on the Lyric System. Make sure it locks nicely into place. It can be helpful to press upward at the location of the set screw to really make sure it is properly seated. It is also recommended that you add the set screw to prevent the back cover from becoming loose again.

3. Arm and disarm. At the Lyric Panel, press Security. Then choose Arm Away or Arm Stay. Enter a valid code to arm the system. This helps to confirm that the code you are using is valid. Then while the system is arming, press Disarm. Enter the same code to disarm. The system should disarm.

If you know you have a valid user code, then after reapplying the panel to the backplate properly, simply press the Home button below the touchscreen. You may have to press Home twice to get the number pad to come up. Then enter the code to clear the Check 900 Cover Tamper.

4. Confirm trouble clear. The Check 900 condition should be cleared from the system. If it hasn't, return to Step 1, and make sure the back cover is properly applied. Then try to arm and disarm again. The condition should clear.

If the Check 900 does not clear, the problem could be a bad tamper switch. In that case, please check this FAQ for more information.

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