How Do I Clear a Check 990 RF Jam On a Honeywell Lyric Controller?

You can clear a Check 990 RF Jam on a Honeywell Lyric Controller by stopping the source of the signal jam and then arming and disarming the system. If the source of the issue is properly addressed, then the trouble condition should clear after you finish disarming the Lyric System.

Honeywell lyric controller encrypted wireless security system

RF jamming occurs when a long, continuous signal is sent out to prevent other signals from reaching a security system. This is usually due to unintentional interference in the area, often due to having the system in close proximity to a military or naval base, or because many alarm systems are being used in very close proximity of each other. However, RF jamming can also be malicious and intentionally caused. Intruders may try to maliciously block signals from reaching the panel. This will stop the system from working properly.

The Check 990 RF Jam condition specifically refers to a continuous 2.4 GHz signal that will block Honeywell SiX Sensors from communicating with the panel properly. In order for the trouble condition to appear, the RF Jam feature must be enabled on the panel. The RF Jam feature can be enabled by choosing Security > Tools > enter Installer Code (default 4112) > Program > System Type > toggling the RF Jam setting. Once you have enabled the RF Jam feature, press Save in the bottom-right corner to save your selection.

The following RF Jam options are available:

  • Disabled: RF Jam detection is disabled.
  • RF Jam Log: RF Jam detection is on, but the system will not report RF Jam troubles to a central station. The RF Jam condition will only be displayed locally, and logged to the panel's event log. This is the default setting.
  • RF Jam Log & Report: RF Jam detection is on, and the system will display, log, and also report RF Jam troubles to a central station.

If RF Jam is enabled, then a Check 990 RF Jam trouble condition will be displayed whenever the system detects a continuous 2.4 GHz signal that lasts 20 seconds or longer. If the trouble condition occurs while the system is armed, then an alarm will occur. Once you have either stopped the jamming signal or moved the Lyric Panel away from the jamming signal, then you can arm and disarm the system to clear the trouble condition.

Complete the following steps to clear a Check 990 RF Jam Trouble:

1. Silence the Trouble. Press the Home button below the touchscreen to silence the trouble sound.

2. Stop the RF jam. The reason why your Lyric System is displaying the Check 990 condition is because something is transmitting a continuous 2.4 GHz signal to the Lyric Panel that could be blocking SiX Sensors from communicating with the system. There are many things that could potentially cause this. This could be some nearby radio or telecom equipment, or even military or naval signals.

You might also notice a Check 990 condition if multiple security panels are being used close to one another. A SiX Series alarm transmitter that is malfunctioning and constantly transmitting a signal may also cause an RF Jam condition. The best way to determine if this is the case is to remove the batteries from each SiX Series sensor. If the condition persists, leave the battery out, and move to the next sensor. Once you find the problem device, put batteries back in all the other sensors. In any case, you must either stop the interference or bring your panel to an area where it is not affected by interference.

3. Arm and disarm. Now that you have addressed the source of the problem, you can clear the trouble condition by arming and disarming. From the main Lyric screen, select Security. Then select Arm Away or Arm Stay. Complete the arming process by entering a valid code. Then during the Exit Delay countdown, choose Disarm. Enter the same code to disarm the system that you used to arm. Completing this step will successfully arm and disarm your system.

4. Confirm the trouble clear. The Check 990 trouble condition should clear after you disarm if you properly addressed the issue in Step 1. If it does not, then return to Step 1, and make sure you address the problem.

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