How Do I Connect a 2GIG Alarm System Transformer?

You can connect a 2GIG Alarm System transformer by running a wire from back of the panel to the plug-in transformer. Since the panel uses DC power, proper polarity must be followed. The recommended wire type is 18-gauge, 2-conductor cabling. You can also use a Honeywell LT-Cable.

2gig ac1Most DIY users will prefer using an LT-Cable, as it it makes the installation process easier. But standard 2-conductor wire can certainly be used. Although 18-gauge is the recommended size, there have been many users who have used 22-gauge or 16-gauge wiring without issue. Just keep in mind the recommended lengths of wire run for each wire type. Additionally, four conductor wiring can also be used, but two of the inner wires will be left unconnected.

If you are stripping your own wires, about a quarter to a half inch of exposed copper should suffice for each connection. You will need a Philips Head screwdriver to complete the process. Also remember polarity, as red is positive (+), and black is negative (-). Failure to follow proper polarity could result in damage to your 2GIG Alarm System.

The pictures below show an LT-Cable being used with a 2GIG GC3 System. But the 2GIG GC2 features similar connectors, so the process is basically the same. Both systems use the same type of transformer. Remember, if you are using an LT-Cable, you will need to connect the male-female barrel connector to complete the process. Complete the following steps to connect a 2GIG Alarm System to its transformer:

1. Connect to panel. Connect the wire to the appropriate terminals on the panel. These are labeled PWR- and PWR+. Connect the negative (black) wire to PWR- . Connect the positive (red) wire to PWR+. Tighten the terminals using your screwdriver. Make sure that the connections are nice and secure. If you are using an LT-Cable, you will use the short portion of the cable for this step.

2. Connect to transformer. Take other end of the cable and connect it to the DC transformer. Remember, black goes to negative (-), and red goes to positive (+). Ensure that the connection is secure. If you are using an LT-Cable, the long portion of the cable with the spaded ends will be used i this step. You can then connect the male-female barrel connector ends of the LT-Cable.

3. Plug in the transformer. Take the transformer, and plug it into any standard wall outlet. Make sure to not overload any circuits. If possible, ensure that your wiring is nice and neat.

4. Confirm power. Check your 2GIG System. It should turn on if it wasn't powered already. Any "AC Loss" error that was present before should clear.

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