How Do I Connect a 4193SN to a VISTA-128BPT, 250BPT or VISTA-50?

The user can connect the 4139SN to a Honeywell VISTA system using terminals 24 and 25. An unshielded 2-conductor wire is recommended. If shielded wire or metal conduit is used, then the wire distance limits are cut in half. 128mA of current is available, and the 4193SN draws 1.5mA.

If more than 128mA of current or longer wire runs are required by the user, one or more 4297 polling loop extender modules can be used. One added benefit of using the 4297 is that while it provides additional current, and extended wire length, the polling loop extender module also isolates any shorts on the external loop. This way, a short on one 4297 will not bring down devices on other segments of the polling loop. Each 4297 must be wired directly to the panel polling loop, meaning 4297's can not be daisy chained off one another.

To connect a 4193SN to the polling loop:

  1. Connect the 4193SN Red wire to terminal 24.
  2. Connect the 4193SN Black wire to terminal 25.
  3. Loop 1 - Connect the 4193SN White wire to the High/Positive side of the contact being used. Follow this step if you wish to use the End of Line Resistor, and do not use the Yellow wire. Connect the 10K Ohm resistor in parallel for Normally Open contacts, and in series for Normally Closed contacts. If you wish to use Loop 1 as Normally Closed with no EOLR, connect the High/Positive side of the zone to the Yellow Wire. The High/Positive side is probably marked NC (Normally Closed). In this case, do not use the White wire.
  4. Connect the Black wire from the input side to the Low/Negative side of the contact. It is probably marked C (Common).
  5. Loop 2 - Connect one side of a Normally Closed contact to the Green wire, and the other side of the same contact to the Black wire.

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