How Do I Connect a Lyric Alarm to WIFI?

In addition to communicating alarm signals, the built-in WIFI communicator must be connected in order to use the internal Lyric camera, for local video viewing via IPCAMS, and to access the system via the MyHome Controller app. To connect your Lyric Controller to WIFI, do the following:

  1. From the Home screen, press Security
  2. Press Tools
  3. Enter the Master Code
  4. Press WIFI Config
  5. Press Scan Access Points
  6. When your network appears, select it then press Edit
  7. Press Password, enter your WIFI password (case sensitive)
  8. Press Save
  9. Press Join

You’ll see a message that says “Device has been successfully added to the network. Press OK. Return to the Home screen, you’ll see an icon in the upper left that shows the WIFI connection, and indicates signal strength. You’re now ready to use WIFI for alarm reporting, Total Connect 2.0, built-in camera snapshots (via TC2), local video viewing on the Lyric Screen, when coupled with IPCAMS, and the MyHome Controller app from any smart device connected to the same network.

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At this time, a Lyric system won't do any external reporting or provide you with remote control unless you are signed up for central station service and/or Total Connect 2.0 service.
Are any of the Honeywell wifi or ethernet capabilities useful if I'm not using the Total Connect 2.0 service (edit: or central monitoring service)?

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